‘Follow the rules’ or face further lockdown: Premier threat to Victoria

Victoria has posted the worst days of the COVID-19 community, but the case is once again escalating to alarming levels in the state.

Victoria’s health authorities on Wednesday confirmed the veracity of 733 new coronavirus cases, marking a double-digit increase of more than two weeks.

The numbers mean that there are 301 confirmed cases of coronaviruses acquired through unknown transmission in the state – an increase of 20 from Tuesday.

This came when the authorities again blamed the state for the growing spread due to problems with the hotel quarantine system.

Acting Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said Wednesday, “Victoria has clearly failed this separation.”

“We absolutely need to learn. This indicates how contagious the virus is and how easily it can spread if the infection is not controlled. “

He said its prevalence was being considered as a national problem.

“Even though it’s an issue in Victoria right now, it’s a national response,” he said.

Earlier, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews warned that the entire state would face renewable lockdowns if the virus was not brought under control.

As of Monday alone, Victoria has added 212 confirmed COVID-19 infections – the vast majority caught in the shock of a community test. This is a much higher number than any other state in Australia.

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The latest horrific stats came just hours before the 10 Melbourne postcodes with the highest number of COVID-19 infections came back to the hard stage তিনটি three lockdowns.

From 11.59pm on Wednesday until at least July 29, more than 300,000 residents will be allowed to leave their homes just to work, study, do the necessary shopping, practice or take care. Mr Andrews is in favor of tough action, which has sparked public outrage.

“It’s not like I sat down with a map and drew these boundaries. They draw our public health experts based on the information,” he said.

“Needless to say, the wide brush that we can take can be locked to the whole city or to the north or west or even further, to the whole of Metropolitan Melbourne.”

Victoria called on hundreds of health workers and Australian defense workers from Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia to help fight the virus.

“It’s challenging, heartbreaking. It’s very, very difficult, but these are good public health measures, “said Mr Andrews.

“But in the end, I would have stayed if I hadn’t turned off these postcodes
Closing all postcodes. And we don’t want to go to that place. “

Elsewhere, local mayors have expressed outrage at the report that more than 1,000 people have rejected coronavirus testing and are concerned about the well-being of local residents and businesses.

“It makes me incredibly angry,” Sarah Carter, mayor of the inter-western city of Maryburn, one of Melbourne’s hotspots, told the Nine Network on Wednesday.

“I just think it’s the height of competence, the truthfulness, not giving the test and I would urge everyone in our community, when asked, to give the test.”

CR Carter said he hoped residents would unite to support each other.

“It’s our community, it’s our local economy, they’re running these small businesses with local moms and dads and they’ve done it so bloody.”

In the town of Hume, which covers parts of the northwestern suburbs outside Melbourne, Mayor Carly Moore said he was devastated.

“It was a difficult time for our community, we were starting to see some signs of hope, what the future might look like and we’re starting to be really optimistic about what we’re getting back to in terms of reality,” he said. .

Mrs. Moore was also angry when people rejected the test.

“Everyone needs to do something for them,” he said.

“There is no reason why everyone in our community should not be able to weigh and test.”

Broadmedo, a Melbourne suburb hotspot, is testing. Photo: Getty

About 54,000 homes have been reached and 113,000 people have been tested since the door-knockout began last Thursday in the affected suburbs.

But there are some optimistic signs, even among the clearer figures. Mr Andrews said Wednesday’s new cases were originally in the already identified hotspot suburb.

“Here’s the beginning of some continuity,” he said. “It’s obviously better than the other options, where we see it doubling and doubling again.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has backed tough measures.

“You should walk on them where there are terrible outbreaks, such as the Victorian government and we have their full support,” he said.

Victoria has also launched an investigation into the Hotel Quarantine. It will be headed by a retired judge.

The case on Wednesday

  • Five more staff affiliated with the Al Taqwa College Group (eight in total);
  • Two more cases of Stamford Plaza outbreak (31 in total);
  • A new case involving the North Melbourne outbreak (30);
  • A new case involving an outbreak at a Loverton call distribution center (six)
  • Three new lawsuits related to Hugo Boss on Collins Street in Melbourne;
  • Joan Kirner is a healthcare worker at Women and Children’s Hospital;
  • A healthcare worker at Epworth Hospital;
  • An employee at SBS Radio in Melbourne;
  • Students at three new schools – Hoppers Crossing High School, Creekside College in Caroline Springs and Eitken Creek Elementary in Craigieburn;
  • An employee of Westbreen Elementary School in Pasco Valley.
  • Two positive cases at the Marander Maple Early Learning Center.

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