Florida Man Indigogo by Comic Books Subtitled Ban Mike Baron

Mike Baron and Todd Mullarney have banned the promotion of Florida Man Indigo, which has 1.2 million subscribers in the comic book subdivision.

Florida Man Editor and Bleeding Flower Editor-in-Chief Chris Braley posted a link to Indigogo in the comicbook subdivision and later received a hint that the post had been removed by the moderator.

The reason for the removal reads, “Moderators remove posts from feeds for a variety of reasons, keeping communities safe, citizens and their motives true.”

Braille also gets the chance to post a personal ban for daring to post a Florida man comic book, Indigogo, on the blanket book Subreddy. They cited “comicgate support” as the reason for the ban.

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Asked why he was banned, one moderator responded by writing, “ComicGate support is not tolerated in this subreddie, such as ComicGate’s pro-website like Bleeding Flowers and ComicSgate-led mob violence like Chris Broly.”

Comicbooks Subreditate Rule 1: Put the role of civil prohibition for comicgate.

It states, “As a result of a permanent ban on racist, sexual, homosexual or cultural tendencies. Do not separately enable or threaten or threaten to harm other users, creators or industry professionals.”

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It then explicitly referred to Comicsgate, describing the popular movement as a hate group, saying, “No bigotry or support for hate groups (such as Comixgate) is allowed.” Debate and dissent have been encouraged, please keep all discussions content and do not attack personal attacks. As a general rule, do not be fooled. “

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The rule continues, “Individuals of each population are important and deserving of representation both in the media and behind the media as creators. There is no place in this community for deliberately deleting forms, explaining other people’s needs and requirements and making similar complaints about” compulsory diversity. “

It concludes, “Posts that meet certain negative criteria (such as excessive amount of breach of opinion) may be locked at the discretion of the team adding the pattern of comments.”

Comic Book Subredit seems to have authorized sources of websites for comic book news.

Chris Braley issued a statement to Bounding Into Comics in response to the comic book’s extension of the Florida Man’s publicity ban.

It starts with, “I think the most annoying part of it is that producers like Mike Baron and Todd Mullarney just want to make comics and get them out of there. It’s a shame that an unpaid moderator is an ideologue to grind.” Axes can only frustrate users because they don’t disagree with anything written elsewhere online. “

The statement continued, “The trend of delatforming is one of the components of the widespread crisis of free speech online across the United States.”

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“At Bleeding Full, our comment sections are open. We don’t ban people unless they repeatedly object. We have dozens of contributors who post their own opinions, some of them contradicting each other,” Braley continued.

“It’s very unfortunate that the site doesn’t include more than all the perspectives like Reddit so that dialogue and argument can prevail but I was warned by the moderators at Reddit that it’s terrible, so I think I could have expected it,” he said.

Florida man Gary tells the story of a bad day twice. She finds a snake in her toilet, a quick raccoon in her backyard, and her daughter Crystal is naked and in jail for licking the director of Waffle Castle.

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To get his daughter out of jail for Crystal’s bail, Dubai turned to his best friend Floyd to sell a Rookie card from Barry Bond in Dubai. And if you can’t guess it, things are bound to go wrong.

The Florida Man currently raises $ 3,559 from Bac4 supporters in Indigogo. Its goal is 7,500. There are 42 days left behind in the campaign.

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