First-sighted couple Donna and Greg are married in anticipation of their first child

Brona and Greg are expecting their first child. Peak Credit: Charmine Wiley / Speed ​​Content

Hooray! The first marriage there is going to be associated with married people in the family.

We have just received news that MAFS scholars Diona McNeil and Greg Okoti are expecting their first child.

This is not the first baby news from married people in the first married family this year. This is actually the third announcement in the last two months!

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Season 5 couples Ashley and Anthony and season 9 couples Daniel and Bobby are both expecting their second child.

It has produced five children so far on behalf of the MAFS family and will soon be eight as three more are on the way now.

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Dono and Greg are expecting their first child

The happy couple met at first sight married 9 seasons, which paired up optimists from downtown Charlotte.

The two first met on their wedding day, and have been taking the six-week test for almost two years now

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It could be a steep road for Donna and Greg but look where they are now!

The couple will soon be reunited with their family after Deona shared the good news that she is three months pregnant.

The scholars of MAFS have announced their upcoming bundle of joy through a beautiful picture frame that reads: “3’s Okoti Party

Commenting on the good news, they also said, “We are pregnant! It is conceivable that less than two years ago we first met at the altar and now we are expanding our family! We are blessed to have started this new chapter and can’t wait to see this little bundle of joy. “

Brona and Greg Peak Credit: Charmine Wiley / Dynamics Content

Donna and Greg Kapal are on cam

After leaving the show, Dono and Greg joined the first-ever wedding cast: the couple gives camera viewers a glimpse of their lives as they try their first child.

The Charlotte, North Carolina couple also had something else to celebrate this year, their first anniversary!

In March, they both paid their respects to each other with Greg writing, “Today is a year ago … We jumped into faith with family and friends around us and now we are celebrating our first anniversary! Who would have thought ?!” Okoti this past March Headed a few shots from their big day. “It’s an amazing first year and looking forward to the next 100 years.”

And now this couple will soon make a new addition to their family. Congratulations Greg and Donner!

Married in the first phase: Couples aired on Cam Lifetime Thursday night 9 / 8c.

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