First sight married in Australia: Tracy remains “still” with Dean

On Wednesday, First Sight Australia was remarkably quiet at the final dinner party of the fifth episode of the wedding – the Pentiummate episode – and the love rat Dean Wells dinner.

The cat got your tongue, Dano?

John asked him why he was with him and Dean replied: “I just don’t want to say the wrong thing.”

It’s a little late for this kiss.

Relationship expert John Aiken set another task for husbands and wives on the E-4 reality show, designed to throw this relationship into chaos. The “Integrity Box” included multiple random questions that husbands and wives need to open, read aloud, and get answers from their partners.

Wife Tracey Jewel hit Dean with a hard shot.

“If I were you with any other boy what would you have done to me with Davina would you have stayed with me in this test?”

After stumbling around this question, he admitted: “I have a chance that I can leave.”

Oh wonder. So Dean doesn’t give Tracy a chance to treat him like that. No shit #MarriedatfirstsightAustralia

– Anita (@flyweblog) September 16, 2020

Tracy then hits him in another body. He was out of desire and partly out of the desire to give the relationship a chance to recover!

Fans loved this revelation.

I still stayed with you. Go Tracy! #MFSAustralia #MereditFirstStreetAustralia #Gotressi

– Valda Fisher (@Alvalda here) September 16, 2020

One viewer gave full credit for the clever demeanor after his insult. “I know I’m giving Tracy a hard time, but she’s right. It’s a fair game for her. She’s still out. She has to be fooled into telling her friends and parents what to do during the week she’s home.”

I know I’m giving Tracy a hard time but she really said fair play for her .. she still stayed out … that week of staying home made her feel stupid to tell her friends and parents what she said ???? ???? # Meredit FirstSite Australia

– Charlene (@Sweet Charles) September 16, 2020

However, not all spectators were behind Tracy’s move. They felt that there were many more ways to punish her husband.


I stayed out despite my ass !!!! You are so poor and desperate! If you were out there you would punish him for not having sex !! Fear you just know you’re looking completely stupid now he’s truthful!

– ???? Fluffifax ???? (@ Zigglechaps 74) September 16, 2020

But then came the carbable ball, leaving Dean Tracy with a clearly candid statement that he felt horrified by the “negative impact” he had on the whole group.

He did “completely stupid for stupid things” and he described the experiment as “somewhat adventurous”.

None of the UK visitors seemed to believe him.

Oh Jeez, Deans has taken his “journey” moment. I’m lying. #MereditFirstSiteAustralia

– Kelly (@ Kelly 75) September 16, 2020

It was clear to every viewer that he was a liar. According to one fan, “Tracy is really innocent.”

Dean is bothering me. He is lying. Tracy is truly innocent. But this is just my #MarriedatfirstsightAustralia

– Melissa (@melisakimduh) September 16, 2020

But hang on! There were a few who felt that Dean had handled his interrogation well and was truly genuine.

As if Dean came out of the honesty box asking the best questions of all. I almost respect #MereditFearsSite Australia’s Scambag

– Mamfordses (@Mamfordses) September 16, 2020

Will they renew their vows at the final commitment ceremony on Thursday? Dean’s tears in the teaser suggested that, incredibly, it could just happen.

Prior to the exchange between Dean and Tracy, “Tim Trashlee” threw a bad trend of unrest when Troy Delmez was forced to doubt his wife Ashley Irwin’s motivation and continuity. He was not impressed.

Ashley is controlling. He is such a definition. He doesn’t like anything that lets Troy know and in no good way. And the experts are okay ???????????????????? They try to keep everything face to face perfectly ?????????????? # ar♀️ # meriditfirstit australia

– Melissa (@melisakimduh) September 16, 2020

Ashley thought that Troy’s declaration was only “90 percent” truthful.

“Don’t drop the L-bomb unless you’re in love!” She was beating him.

Why Ashley is so cross… ???? He made no effort, so what do you expect Troy to say? # Meridatifierstite Australia

– Tina Masam (@Athamasam) September 16, 2020

Viewers are not enjoying the grilling of his troy hard nose. “Ash has a swinging brick for his heart,” one posted.

Ash has a swinging brick for the heart. And a void where his soul should be. An emotional emptiness. # Meriditfirstit australia

– Brass Monkey (@monkes_brass) September 16, 2020

The first sight for future Team Trashley is not to look at the final engagement ceremony on the subject of marriage in Australia, which will be screened on Thursday, September 1 at 7:30 pm E4.

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