First Side Married in Australia | Where are Justin and Carly now?

While true fans are starving for new dating content this year, E4 has brought married people back to First Site Australia for the summer, with 11 new couples looking for love.

With five seasons currently airing on the channel, this wild dating show features 22 singles paired with their perfect match, couples should decide whether to ‘marry’ each other during their first meeting.

But what happened to Melbourne-based Sydney-based Justin Fisher and Carly Boyer? Here’s what you need to know about the couple and where they are now.

What happened to Justin and Carly?

In the sixth episode of the show, we see 41-year-old entrepreneur Justin paired up with 32-year-old marketing manager Carly, who ‘married’ the couple at a promising ceremony after the meeting.

The couple traveled to Vanuatu, Oceania on their honeymoon, but soon realized that they didn’t understand at all, Carly criticized her new husband’s confidence and saw the 41-year-old single status as “a bit of a red flag bit”.

The couple broke up before making a final decision about the marriage.


Where is Justin now?

Since appearing on the show, Justin has been spending more time with his girls and developing his soft-served ice cream business by judging on his Instagram.

In November, Justin was spotted spending time with three contestants Rose in the first eye-catching season with New Zealand married couples, posting on Instagram: “MAFS wife change has become international. Have a great day and enjoy your trip to the eastern suburbs of Sydney ”with a kiss emoji.

Although real contestants can only be friends, many affectionate comments have been made to say otherwise, one commenter wrote, “Stunning couple” and another said: “That’s what you call the perfect match!”

Where is Carly now?

Carly is currently in a relationship with Neighbor actor Neil Goldsmith and the pair are expecting their first child together.

In June, Carly posted a news story on Instagram with a picture of the couple’s sonogram. “We’re having a baby! What he wrote, in 2020 we see a little baby light at the end of the tunnel she” We’ve crossed the moon and can’t wait to meet our little biscuits. “

Carly still works in marketing, but also hosts a podcast about the Unicorn Finding title “Dating Jungle Story”.

Evening at E4. The first visit to Tai was married on a five-week night in the Australian season. If you are looking to see more, check out our TV guide.

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