Find out more about Iron Man VR’s fights, worlds and star-studded cast of characters

Before its release next week, developer Camouflage has released new information about the upcoming Iron Man VR title.

Game Director, published on the PS blog, Ryan Payton has released a lot of new information about what to expect about the full release of the game. First, new footage has been released for the game’s combat and shows what appears to be a deep system.

Second, the vast world of the game has been revealed and it looks like players will be delighted to hear that there will be plenty to explore here. According to the post, it was a challenging aspect to make this headline fun, giving the environment a great look to fly around.

By the end, the game’s all-star cast has been announced and features features like Pepper Pots, Nick Fury, and Friday (as well as other character hosts that haven’t been released to us yet).

Iron Man VR was released exclusively on PSVR consoles on July 3, 2020.

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Source: PS Blog

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