Find My Device Pixel bud detection continues to work

The second-generation Pixel Bud is one of the first Google assistant headphones to support the latest pair of features. My device integration is not yet available but the latest update to the Android app provides more details on how you can detect Pixel buds and other Bluetooth accessories.

About APK Insights: In this ‘APAK Insights’ post we’ve integrated the latest version of the app we uploaded to the Google Play Store. When we decompile these files for Android applications (called APKs) we are able to see different lines of code within that hint at possible future features. Keep in mind that Google may or may not send these features, and we may try to enable them to stay close to the end of the interpretation, but to show you what they will look like when it comes to shipping. With that in mind, read on.

Last year Google announced that fast pair devices without real-time tracking would appear in the Find My Device app.

My Device Search for Android version 2.4.029 features more strings describing the upcoming integration. It starts with an updated welcome prompt specifying how you can now “identify your devices and accessories.”

By using the% 1 পরিষেবা s service you allow Google to use location data, device information, and connection events to identify your device and accessories. The location of the device is approximate and may not always be accurate.

Users need to enable Google Location History, although it can be disabled ally:

% 1 s is required to record the last known location after your headphones are connected to your device

Last known location closed

Once the necessary permissions have been granted, you will be able to see where (location) and when (time / date) the headphones were last used, as well as which phone / tablet they were connected to. Location data will not be live, it will help users narrow down where to look.

% 3 $ s was last connected to% 1 $ s at% 2 s.

% 2 $ s has been linked to the last% 1 $ s.

Last connected to% 1 $ s in% 2 s on% 3 s

% 2 $ s has been linked to the last% 1 $ s

The location will be displayed when you connect your headphones to your device

The last known location is not available.

Find My Device Integration for Pixel Bud and other Quick Paired Auxiliary Headphones is not live yet. Back in April, Google said the functionality would appear “in the coming months.”

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