Finau shares lead at the beginning of Palmer Memorial as the woods hang.

DUBLIN, Ohio – When he scored 59 at the Victoria Ranch in Utah last week, Tony Finau realized he was on the right track.

This kind of score doesn’t happen at Muerfield Villa, where the evergreen greens are going fast. No matter. Fino was confident enough to play with the kids at home on a week-long vacation, and that translates into 14 birdies in two days and a fraction of the 36-hole lead at the memorial.

Fino recovered from three holes from two bogeys in his second round on Friday, making birdies on the remaining 5 of his shores and finishing with a wedge up to 2 feet for a 3-under 69.

This put him at 9-under 135 with Ryan Palmer (686), who brokered just one in two rounds. The way Muerfield Village is playing, both are impressive.

Earlier in the day, they had one shot at the top of John Rahm (67 over), who has another chance to reach number one in the world this week for the first time in his career. U.S. Open champion Gary Woodland had 70 and two were behind.

For Tiger Woods, hopefully he gets two more rounds. Woods said his back felt stiff during the warm-up and losing a pair of 3-footers didn’t make him feel better. For his final three holes for 76, he managed two birdies and a par-foot equalizer that forced him to wait until the afternoon to see if he would cut.

The five-time winner of Moorfield Village has never missed this cut like the previous 17 times at Woods Memorial.

“Not very good,” Woods said. “I made two holes three times in the beginning and the kind of speed I was going to make, I quickly widened and fought the rest of the day.”

Finu was twice elected home last week instead of Muerfield Village. He wouldn’t compare Victory Ranch with Muerfield Village, although it did inspire him. At one point, he leveled 14-under through 17 holes until he made an accompaniment on the 17th hole and settled in his second sub-60 away from the PGA Tour.

Finu said, “I don’t know if I’ve been to a good golf course 14 times through 16 holes.” But it did tell me that I was in good form and just told me how good I was at scoring. So I think I must I’ve been through a bit this week and the confidence I feel is great. “

The way Muerfield Villa started to look like on Friday, there will be more hanging out than going down to the Memorial weekend. The course is replacing the greens later this week, so officials are letting them go. They don’t care because the grass dies so quickly, however, they are being uprooted.

It’s even quieter, still starting to show up in the morning.

Brooks Koepka 1 appeared to hit a hard bunker shot from the 16th green to the right, until it came out of the hole a few feet and then a few more feet until it descended from the green and rested against the collar of the raft. This was not his biggest problem. Koepka made a double bogey for the 755 by throwing a shot into the water of his final hole at No. 9.

This put him in Woods’ equal 3 over 147 and he had to wait to see if he made the cut.

Rory McIlroy fired two shots, which goes into the book as an equal sum. It was nothing like that. He hit the cricket and hit a chip for a double bogey in par-5 11. He smoked the fairway metal 8 feet for aggl in par-5 fifth. He gave 10 feet of pain for a pair of birdies. He cut a pruning into a bunker and made an accompaniment.

He was at 2-under 142.

“I don’t know what it was,” he said. “It was a few birdies and there was an eagle thrown and a few were wrong. There were some good, some medium and some pretty bad shots. But I fought well. ”

Palmer played the Charity Open at Mirfield Villa Workday last week and missed the cut. Instead of staying in Ohio, he went home to Texas to work with swing coach Randy Smith and found a solution to everything that left him behind.

“A small flaw in the swing behind me,” Palmer said.

He did some work on green vegetables with Steve Striker and felt good enough about his prospects on Palmer Weekend.

The striker didn’t do too badly, either. The 53-year-old was the captain of the Ryder Cup at the age of one and was 4-under 140 with Jim Furik, who was 50 two months ago and scored 68 runs.

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