“Financially it is probably better to have the Ryder Cup next year” – Harrington

Padraig Harrington, captain of the Ryder Cup in Europe, emphasizes that financial factors will not decide whether the event will take place this year.

His team faces Whistling Straits across America in September, and Rory McIlroy suggested this week that players prefer to wait 12 months and have fans.

Harrington emphasizes that the European Tour doesn’t need the team event to play in 2020 and it would make more money if it happened next year.

“The European Tour is one of the greatest assets in the sport. They are not going anywhere,” he said. “If you look at the financial side, it’s not for financial reasons to have it this year. Nobody therefore needs it.

“Financially, it’s probably better to have it next year.”

The Dubliner added that he believes the event would be “diminished” by the lack of fans:

“My friends who don’t play golf participate in the Ryder Cup because of the buzz, the atmosphere, the excitement, that’s why the players enjoy it and play it. It’s missed.

“The question is, do they take one for sports? Do people sitting at home want the Ryder Cup in a reduced size so they have sports on TV?

“There is a much bigger thing going on. Put it in the context of what’s going on in the world. But this is why we’re actually talking about the Ryder Cup going on. Because it would definitely go on in its current form because maybe sports – and people maybe – should be a little bit uplifting. “

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