Financial analyst compares COVID-19 lockdown to abortion referendum

An economic analyst says Irish firms should reopen regardless of the coronavirus epidemic.

Carl Dieter, an Irish mortgage broker, says the economy has flattened as the virus’s curve has leveled.

He compared the current lockdown restrictions to the 2018 abortion referendum, citing the right to local physical integrity.

He told Pat Kenny, “Everyone wants to flatten the curve, but I don’t think we can flatten the economy at the same time – and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

“There are three reasons I think we should work back before.

“There are philosophical reasons and arguments for rights, there has been more additional damage that people can die as a result of obstruction, and then there are a lot of statistics that support the statement I am going to make.

“The philosophical statement is that you have three basic rights in life: your life, freedom and the ability to pursue happiness as soon as you see it.

“And the two of them have been taken away – and these are not uncomfortable rights, they are in a completely free, democratic society.”

“I have physical autonomy: if I want to take a risk and my life is in danger, I believe it is partly my right.

“My body, my choice – we held a referendum last year.”

Pat argued that the risk was then imposed on everyone who came in contact with that person.

But Mr Dieter claimed, “If you feel this way, you can lock yourself in, as the question was with the abortion referendum, for example.

“People say, ‘What about fetal rights?’ ’, Life-passengers repeatedly said.

“And we have seen that their unique right to physical autonomy exceeds more than ever

And that’s why people came to the right conclusions.

“If you’re worried, Pat, you have to cocaine, take all the risks you want or don’t take these risks.

“But you see companies closing down twenty years after they were formed.

“People who are suffering from this problem – they flatten the curve, flatten the economy – and the death toll there could be even higher,” he claimed.

Original image: Carl Dieter will be seen in 2014 Photo courtesy of Sam Boyle / RollingNews.EE

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