Fight against racism, especially EA sports in NHL games

Electronic Arts EA Sports promises tougher penalties for players who receive NHL titles, especially those who take a stronger stand against racism in their sport of spreading offensive content.

Electronic Arts is one of several organizations that has pledged to support the fight against racial injustice in the video game industry as social unrest spread across the United States following the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Two-Two Interactive Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online shut down in two hours, and Microsoft’s Mozong, along with others, pledged all profits from the June 19 Mincraft sale.

Earlier this week, Andrew Wilson, director of electronic art, said in a letter to staff that the organization would provide মিল 1 million to various organizations, including the Justice Initiative and the National Association of Colorful People and Education. Foundation. Wilson added that e-art workers are paid extra pay each year that they can use for charitable work in their community.

Following Wilson’s letter, EA Sports announced on Twitter that it would “not tolerate any racism” and that more needed to be done to ban players from engaging in offensive behavior. Publishers have taken three steps: expanding language filters, expanding reporting functions, and increasing the frequency of criminal activity.

– EA Sports (ASEASPORTS) June 5, 2020

EA Sports then spread a special message for NHL Games, where racism spreads to the name of the customizable team and the name of the player.

– EA Sports NHL (ASEASPORTSNHL) June 6, 2020

EA Sports ’NHL team will impose harsher penalties and further strengthen its harmful filters, among other measures to address racism in its games. The field of tougher penalties is not clear and digital trends have turned to electronic arts to clarify specific penalties applicable to guilty players. We will update this story when we hear.

EA Sports and its NHL team agree that more work needs to be done outside of these measures to eradicate racism, but this is a step in the right direction for publishers.

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