Fans of the 90-day engagement requested Kalini to leave Asuelu after another week of misbehavior after Happy Ever

Fans urged Kaluni to leave Asuelu. Peak Credit: TLC

If you are looking at a 90 day fianc: ever after happiness? Then you will know why the fans are calling Asuelu Pula for his behavior.

His treatment with his wife Kalani is absolutely deplorable.

One more week after the bad behavior from the Samoan native, the audience has had enough!

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So far we have not seen Osiulu in good light. After the couple struggled to manage their two babies, all the work seemed to fall on Kalani with very little help from her husband.

In past episodes, Kalani highlighted that Asunu spent more time with his family than with his friends.

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And when we see him trying to plan a date night with his wife – Asuelu has become even more disliked in each episode.

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Kalani struggled to manage the two screaming babies in the back while two sick children and Asuelu fired a shotgun while his mother was driving.

He was already upset that Kalani had canceled a trip to his home country due to an outbreak of measles in Samoa.

When she asked him for help while driving, Asuelu told her that it was easy for her to work as a mother.

She added that it is easier for all women in America because they use machines to work.

When Happy Ever After With Elam brought to light the fact that she was sitting with the kids at night during the illness, she told him it was a woman’s job.

As the conversation continued, he hurled a few F-bombs at his wife and even lied to her.

Twitter has called on Kaluni to leave Asuelu

The audience was outraged by the indecent and disrespectful treatment of his 24-year-old wife and mother-in-law.

Many angry fans took to Twitter to urge Kalani to leave her Samoan beau

Peak Credit: @DanceBoney / Twitter

Peak Credit: Ollit_French / Twitter

Asuelu: We empty our stores to bring our kids to a small island with a measles outbreak.

Every intelligent person: Um, no.

Asuelu: Everyone is against me 😞 now Lame makes sexist remarks about my wife in front of my mother.

. # 90DayFiance

– πŸ“–πŸ’€β³ Democritus III (@stoicseeker) July 5, 2020

A Twitter user said he did not know how Kalani could even stand to look at her husband and said he would send Asuelu to Samoa right away.

Peak Credit: @GingerHairgreen / Twitter

Do you think Asuelu will apologize for this heinous act?

90 Day Engagement: Ever After Happiness? Broadcast on Sunday at TLC at 8 / 7c.

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