Fans of the 90-day daily engagement of Tiffany sex tape drama Big Ed, Slam Daughter, believe

Big Ed and Rosemary fought over a 90-day engagement: say 90 days ago. Peak Credit: TLC

Fans of the 90-day engagement are coming out after learning some new details about Big Ed’s relationship with Rosemary Vega.

Reveal all the specials for the garden all night tonight: Day 0 days ago, Rosemary revealed that Ade had asked her to make a sex video for him.

There was a video chat after the two broke up that fans watched on the show, but Rose revealed that Ed wanted more after their split.

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Tell everyone, Rose didn’t seem to want to divulge the details of the sex video, but when Ed’s daughter Tiffany got involved in the conversation and asked Rose about her love for her father, she personally accepted it.

Ever since I started sprinkling tea about Rose Ed.

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Fans of the 90-day engagement backed Rose over allegations of sexual tape

When Tiffany asked her motives during her relationship and got up on her feet after resolving her feelings about Ed, fans of the 90-day fianc নেন shared their thoughts on Twitter.

Fans were initially surprised to learn that Rose was asked to make a sex video for Ed after the breakup.

# 90 Definition: TLC
sex vid w mayo dude 😱😱😱😱

– Melissa Roberson (Purple Trace) June 8, 2020

But as the conversation continued, fans began to support Rose. The more Tiffany started talking about her father and aggressively questioning Rose’s feelings, the more Rose fought – and gained the support of the audience.

# 90 Defiance is just trying to be rude to Ed’s daughter Rose and is basically trying to take advantage of her timid ass dad. You lost your father who used roses for sex.

– Vict Victory 4 Real (2 Victory 4 Real 1) June 8, 2020

@ 90 Definition Just Wanted Sex! She knew she wanted kids before she left for her country! Then he sat her on the bed and said oh BTW I don’t want any kids. Eddie Shock! # 90 Definition

– Tonya Ankeni (@ 32 in Tonk) June 8, 2020

Fans believe Ed used Rose only for sex. When he saw her in the Philippines, he was very happy when she slept with him.

Also, he tried to change every step of the woman according to his personal preference by shaving his feet and buying a toothbrush and toothpaste.

“What’s the secret?” Oh, so her daughter is going there too. Think of bringing “privacy” when your dad lied so many times # 90 Definition

– WTVWithFG June 8, 2020

In fact, fans believe Rose because she often showed her lies.

Fans of the 90-day engagement believe Tiffany has a tendency

When Ed was ready to leave his daughter for a second time to get a second chance with Road, viewers believe Tiffany has a horrible attitude. He was very defensive in his words, it seems that Rose did everything wrong in the relationship and her father did everything right.

Oh Rose has sex video # 90 definition with Tiffany

– Angelique Taylor (@_Kingangi) June 8, 2020

Ed’s daughter got the nasty stupid attitude of # 90 Defense

– Sugar Dumplin @ (@Hideside) June 8, 2020

Why don’t you ask Dad why he’s following a young woman in the Philippines? Didn’t you find that problematic Tiffany ?! # 90dayfiance

– Forgive this person (@floorbellrose) on June 8, 2020

During the T-L special, Tiffany did not get much support on Twitter, as viewers called her bad behavior. One even said that his father should be asked to follow a young woman living in the Philippines.

On the show, Eddie decides to apologize for the way he treated her by choosing Rose explicitly about his relationship with his daughter.

If that’s not enough, 90-day-old fianc Michael Jesse recently revealed that Big Aid tried to text his wife Juliana. He revealed that Ed is not a good person, supporting the opinion of potential viewers that he only wants to chat with women for sex.

90 Day Engagement: 90 Days Tomorrow Night, Tuesday, June 8, T.L.C. Before wrapping up to 8 / 7c.

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