“Failure of a system” – Concerns after 250 COVID-19 cases not reported to a hospital

One professor said hundreds of KaviID-19 cases could be blamed on system failures after it was revealed that no hospital had been set up.

An unnamed hospital in the south of the country About 250 cases reported – Some Thursdays – Go back to March.

This means that the numbers were increased without informing the National Public Health Emergency (NPHET).

Infectious diseases must be reported to the authorities immediately, according to the law.

“It was something we can’t say where we were and it was all reported within a day,” Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan said on Thursday.

“The point I am making is that I know that no one here is interpreting them as part of a new wave of transmission, but to emphasize the real meaning, these come back in most cases that spread over a very long time for mid-March. ‘

All COVID-19 systems obtained from all hospitals in the country will now be tested to ensure that infectious diseases comply with the legal obligation to report them immediately.

It is believed that communication tracking has been done at the local level.

However, Paul Moynag, head professor of the Department of Biology at NUI Mainutha, told Newstalk that breakfast should be cleared as soon as possible.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“In the case of clinical management – that is, in hospitals, patients and health professionals – are being tested, which is very important for clinical management, so I think it must have been applied in this case.

“But the aspect that is probably more related is whether the contacts were actually identified.

“So it’s really important.

“If you look at a situation where someone has the ability to infect two or three people over 200 or 250 people, you come up with a pretty significant number.

“So I think it will be very important to verify and clarify whether these cases were actually identified.”

“And in the case of more IT systems, it would be really important to get an explanation of what went wrong – and to make sure it wasn’t expanded any further and that it was limited to just one hospital.”

Original image: A laboratory technician examines samples taken from suspected patients of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Photo: Robin Utrecht / SOPA Figure / SIPA USA

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