Facebook has officially announced the fifth messenger room for the zoom option

Last month Facebook announced the “Messenger Room” option with Zombie and Team Front and it left a small group of users. Facebook has now announced that messaging messages are available to everyone.

A Facebook blog post today will explain more about how the Messenger Room platform works:

You can create and share sections on Facebook via news feeds, groups and events, so it’s easy for you to drop them off whenever you want. You can choose who will see the house and can join or remove people from your house and if you don’t want to join anyone else.

Your “episode” will appear at the top of a news feed or through an ad. Facebook Jess provides you complete control over who joins your house, whether it’s from your friends list or just from a link.

If your friends or communities create open classes for you, you can see what they need to do and the people who find them on their Facebook. You can join your phone or computer while you are invited to a room – you don’t need to download anything to get started.

We have built houses on privacy and protection so you can stay connected to your friends, family and community. We can’t see or hear your calls, and the person who made the room can join, see the room, and open or hear new guests. For the call to start, the creator of the house must be present and the creator can remove the guests at any time.

Although it is widespread today, there are still some limitations. For example, only North American Facebook users can create a message section from Facebook: other countries are limited to creating only sections from the Messenger app.

You can get started by downloading the Facebook app and messaging app from the App Store. You can also see the feature in the Facebook Messenger app on MacOS.

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