Facebook employees have been protesting against Trump’s move since day one

In the early days of the social network, more than 30 former Facebook employees publicly complained about the lack of action by social networks against President Trump’s tweets, which were either misleading or a compliment of violence.

The NY Times first saw an open letter written to Facebook CEO Mark Yuk Ukberg.

Nearly three dozen people who worked on the social network in its early years have called for President Trump’s aggressive decision to leave the site unchanged.

In an open letter, former staffers said Mr Uk Ukberg’s position was a “betrayal” of Facebook’s ideals and urged him to reconsider. They included Facebook’s first communications director, as well as designers, engineers and policymakers. Some have helped write original social network guidelines that manage what can and cannot be posted.

They have accused Facebook of double standards.

This is a betrayal of Facebook’s claims. The organizations we have joined have valued individuals as much as they have voiced support for their government, protecting the weak rather than the powerful.

Facebook is now blindly targeting this goal. It argues that it is inappropriate to warn about the statements of a politician, but it is acceptable to remove content from citizens, even if they both say the same thing. This is not an honest position for freedom. It’s incongruous, and worse it’s scary.

You can read the full text of the letter here.

Twitter responded to Trump’s last two tweets by attaching a note to someone showing that it was not real. Facebook has come under fire for not taking any action on the same posts on its platform, high-ranking current employees are protesting.

Other agencies are also seeking public outrage over the assassination of George W. Bush. Tim Cook both wrote to the employee and gave the client an open letter stating that “fear, humiliation and frustration” was provoked not only by the murder but also by the “longest history of racism”. Google posted a message on its main search page and in other prominent places.

Today, on Google’s YouTube page, we share our support for racial equality in solidarity with communities including George Orchid Floyd, Brecona Taylor and Ahmed Arbar, who have no voice. You are not alone with those who feel sadness, anger, sadness and fear. pic.twitter.com/JbPCG33wfQW:

– Sundar Picha (Ansundar Pichai) May 31, 2020

Infinity Word says it guarantees more on popular Call of Duty anti-racism applications after the planned launch of two updated updates.


– Infinity Word (: Infinity Word) on June 3, 2020

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