Everything you need to know before buying a gaming PC

In the previous day, buying a gaming PC was only for those who made more money than time (or feeling), but times have certainly changed. Prices have dropped where you don’t save your build as before. Even if you pay a premium, you will get benefits like support, guarantee and discount by purchasing in advance. But before you take out your credit card, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure the pre-built is right for you.

Now is a good time to buy?

The right time to buy a gaming PC? They can cost a lot more as a used car without the utility around them, and it can be calf-like, like a large house plant (without air-purifying facilities). Listen to us. We’re not really going anywhere right now, and unlike most home plants, gaming PCs can last a decade if you invest time and money.

Gaming PC retailers falsely bury why gaming PCs are valued anywhere between 700 and 3,000,000. You don’t have to spend all that money to play next-generation games in 4K resolution or to compete with the accuracy of mouse and keyboard. Gaming PC is a social gaming environment. They provide access to an ecosystem of multiplayer games in which you, friends and strangers occupy the same digital space – in MMORPGs like Worm of Warcraft, Competitive Shooter like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, MOBs and League of Legends. Infrastructure of PC gaming apps.

Gaming PC is a passive socializing channel, a way to keep in touch with the home or create new ones. “Where do we dropin”, boys? “A lot can be said for this? And today’s online avatars are published as always. It’s hard to feel isolated in isolation, and for many, their gaming PCs are at the center of their everyday online bond.

“We see decades of numbers increase as people sit at home and play, and the number of people who can play increases by decades,” said Frank Soki, GM of Intel Desktop. “Gaming keeps people connected. Although you feel isolated while sitting at home, it’s extremely social: you can use social media elements to stream your game, in-game speech and text. Sometimes people don’t use the game for gaming. They use it to hangout and reconnect. ‘

How much is the price?

Covid-19 production has gone to most parts of the world. Many PC component manufacturers are based in China, which was hit hard by the Covid-19. The number of PC shipments has dropped by eight percent this year, the biggest drop since 2013, according to analyst Canalis.

On the other hand, both AMD and Intel described the prices of PCs and PC components as stable in interviews with YRIDRD. “We haven’t seen much volatility in our industry without the general price competition we use,” said Frank Azor, chief architect at AMD’s Game Solutions.

“We’ve seen prices fairly stable, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see any pickups depending on the manufacturer here and there,” Intel’s Soki said. The data at PCPartPicker.com confirms this; After the price of video cards went up last year, they have remained largely stable ever since. The prices of monitors and power supplies have risen slightly and there has been a slight ups and downs in the CPU. In general, nothing important.

Philip Carmichael, owner of PCPartPicker.com, echoed that sentiment in an email: “Prices are fairly stable. However, we see a significant reduction in availability. Since many parts are not in stock, finding specific make or models of your desired components can be a challenge. “

What can I do with a gaming PC?

The obvious answer is, “You play video games, you fight.” But there are plenty of unprecedented opportunities for gaming PCs.


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