Everything you need to know about Shane Dawson’s new horror documentary, ‘My House Monster’

Shane Dawson yesterday announced his brand new horror movie project, his first major channel video in more than 6 months. The YouTube documentary star has hit the trending page as soon as she uploaded her first video in a new series titled ‘Demon in My Home’. If you missed it, here’s a recap to keep you up to date.

Full video: ‘Monsters in my house’

Shane Dawson announces new YouTube project, ‘Demon in My Home’

YouTuber Shane Dawson returned to YouTube yesterday with the long-awaited introduction of his new project. YouTube veteran has uploaded the first of his new horror series, Demon in My House, in anticipation of many episodes.

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Dawson explained throughout the video that filming and making a horror film has always been his dream and is now in the process of writing a script for it. YouTuber mentioned that he aims to create the process of writing, filming and planning the movie as part of a new series on his main channel.

Shane Dawson discusses the theory behind trapping a felt ghost in his home

In the context of his new horror film, Dawson began to discover some horrific events that he and others had experienced in the LA home he shared with his fianc, Ryland Adams. The YouTube star explained recent events that both he and others saw walking around his home, acknowledging the ghost-like movement he remembers as a “ghostly entity or shadow figure” wandering around his home.

Image above: Dawson found a ghostly connection between childhood artwork and snatching images that he had always feared as a child.

A photo shoot with his camera went black out during how Dawson called in a workout session with his personal trainer via FaceTime. Throughout the video, Shane continued to reminisce about his childhood and present day connections, as well as reminiscences of being mysteriously touched in bed.

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Shane discusses how he believes that the horror projects and miracle experiences in his home are somewhat connected and determined to capture it all for the new series.

Back in May, the documentary star went live on Instagram at night to invite viewers to see his bizarre experience in real-time, when he heard the sound from his home.

Shane is set on the idea that the ‘ghost’ of his house could really be his dead grandmother after receiving multiple messages from his mother with similar stories.

We can’t wait to see what Shane manages in the next document!


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