Everything that Apple has not announced in the WWDC is here

WWDC20 keynote speeches included the official announcement of iOS 14, iPadS14, Max Big Sur, WatchOS 7, moving to custom ARM silicone for Max and much more. However, there are several things that Apple has not unveiled. Take a look at everything Apple did not announce on the WWDC.

It was a busy week with lots of exciting announcements. Significantly, for the first time the entire virtual WWDC has been smoothed out and lots of developers have shared positive feedback. Some are even asking Apple to use the online format to move forward. One of the biggest positives was, so many more people were able to take part this year than at the historic WWDC private event.

To recreate everything Apple published, check out our WWDC keynote here in detail. Find out now about everything Apple did not announce.

Everything that Apple has not announced in the WWDC

Newly designed iMac

Just two weeks before WWDC’s keynote speech, we heard a rumor from Liquor Sony Dixon that Apple plans to unveil a newly designed iMac at its annual conference with updated internals like the Slimmer Bezel and an Apple T2 chip and AMD Navi GPUs. The next day, Apple’s online store iMac stock is running low, possibly pointing to a new iMac as well.

However, this did not work at WWDC, and in reality, no new hardware (outside of the ARM Mac Mini DTK) was announced for weeks. But Ming-chi Kuo predicts that the new i-Mac, which he said will end Apple with an Intel chip, should arrive between July and September. Dixon predicts that it may not be long before we find out about IMAC. Significantly, Kuo expects a new redesigned 24-inch iMac with Apple’s ARM Silicon to arrive by the end of 2020 to mid-2021.

Customer-face ARM Mac

An exciting and anticipated announcement during the keynote speech was Apple’s transfer of custom ARM-based Apple Silicon for the Mac. No wonder Apple didn’t announce the first Mac to launch with a new CPU architecture for customers, but it’s open developer Traitz. So that includes a Mac Mini with an A12Z bionic processor.

We have no word on what will be the first customer-oriented Mac with Apple Silicon, but CEO Tim Cook has revealed that it will be rolled out later this year and the company plans to make a two-year change on

Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that it will first take advantage of Apple’s custom Silicon It will be a 13.3-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple Watch Blood Oxygen Sensor

Back in March, we reported exclusively that Apple Watch Blood Oxygen Monitoring (SPO2) could be supported after finding evidence of the feature in the iOS 14 build earlier. As we mentioned, of course it could be that the new Apple Watch 6 hardware feature needs to be used. Although Apple shared nothing about it along with the announcement of WatchOS 7, we are excited about the possibility of it coming in September.

AirPods Studio

We first discovered the icons of Apple’s upcoming over-the-year headphones in early versions of iOS 14 in March. Since then we’ve heard bits and pieces for the next release in the hugely popular AirPods lineup.

Bloomberg said they will bring replacement magnetic earpads and headbands and should be launched sometime this year. Ming-chi Kuo predicted a unique magnetic design with production from “mid-2020” for debut in late summer or early autumn.

In May, 9to5Mac heard from several sources that Apple’s new over-the-year headphones feature neck, head, and left / right ear detection with custom equalizer settings. Meanwhile, John Processor says the name will be AirPods Studio which is priced at $ 349 and earlier Apple wanted to announce them on WWDC.

Apple has not unveiled its over-the-ear headphones at the WWDC, but if the well’s production forecast is correct, they could be in the pipeline now and ready for launch in the next few months.


In April 2019, 9to5Mac reported exclusively that Apple was working on a tile-like tracking device. We later discovered that it was using the airtag name for the product. Just two months ago, Apple accidentally revealed the names of the airtags in a support video on YouTube before pulling it fast.

It looks like it’s a long way to go to see the airtags launched and this week at WWDC proved that we have to wait a little longer. Earlier in the year, Ming-Chi Kuo released a Q3 for this new product

Updated Apple TV

Speaking of the long road, the Apple TV 4K was relaunched in 2017, playing an A10X Fusion processor, and yet it’s the company’s flagship set-top box. We unveiled a clue about a new Apple TV this year that 12 or A13 chips may have a new remote as well.

We also heard a rumor that the next Apple TV could come with increased storage levels, a kids mode, screen time and more.

There is no mention of new Apple TV hardware in the WWDC since the TVOS14 was announced. Whenever we watch the next genre of Apple TV, the price in Apple can be much lower for the competitors who have sold 4K set-top boxes / sticks for a fraction of the price.

Let’s finish

In addition to a newly-designed expectation for the iPhone 12 lineup set to be ready this early, we’ve got quite an interesting Apple product in the queue. Are you most interested in seeing the package unveiled in the coming months? Let us know in the comments below!

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