Evening Conference 5: COVID-19 Report Concerns About Delays; Tensions have erupted between the HSE and the NPHET

Concerns over delay in COVID-19 notification

Health officials have announced 10 more coronavirus deaths and 426 newly confirmed cases.

The national death toll is now 1,506, with 23,827 confirmed.

This is a sharp increase in confirmed cases compared to the last few days; Chief Medical Officer. Tony Holohan, however, said many of them were “not events that happened in a short time in the past.”

He said there had been a delay in reporting to a hospital in the south of the country, which meant the number was made without knowing the national public health emergency.

The summary expresses the tension between NPHET and HSE

Newly published letters have raised tensions between the HSE and the Department of National Public Health Emergencies over the response to state coraviruses.

In a letter released this afternoon, HSE Director Paul Reid lamented NPHET’s decision to extend the CVD-19 test to 100,000 tests per week.

He noted that he was “very surprised” by the announcement and warned that HSE would not consider what it could achieve or when it would not.

Labor leader Alan Kelly said the letters showed top-level excitement about NPHET’s role in decision-making.

Reid said canceling the private hospital’s contract would be a “high risk”.

The HSE director warned that canceling state contracts with private hospitals would be a great risk.

Paul Reid says the deal could be renewed to make sure we have the ability to deal with every possible spike in the coronavirus.

The deal has cost 1 million a month, and Stephen Donnelly, a spokeswoman for Fianna Fail Health, has warned that many of them have zero.

Tonight on the shoulder, HSE chief Paul Reid said canceling the deal would now be a “risky” move.

Scouting Ireland has apologized for victims of sexual abuse

Scouting Ireland has apologized to the survivors of the victims and those who failed in scouting sexual harassment.

Adrian Tennant, chairman of the Scouting Ireland board, said: “As chairman of Scouting Ireland, as an adult volunteer and as a parent, I would like to apologize to the victims and survivors of the historic sexual abuse in Scouting.

“On behalf of Scouting Ireland, I apologize without any reservations.

“We are sorry for the pain we have inflicted on you and for the legacy of that pain that many of you are still alive.

Dublin Harbor urges Russell to move

An independent TD has called for the relocation of the Dublin port to Co Wexford.

Verona Murphy claims that port facilities should be relocated to Russell due to air pollution in some parts of Dublin.

Wexford TD pointed to a recent environmental report that found that nitrous oxide emissions in some parts of the city were at risk of crossing the EU border.

The Irish Road Holiers Association also supported the call.

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