Evening Conference 5: Child care project for health workers canceled due to ‘low admission’ of healthcare providers

Coronavirus: 10 more people have died in the Republic and there are 159 new cases

There have been 10 more coronavirus deaths in the Republic.

This means that a total of 1,997 people have died here since the outbreak of Kavid-19.

Meanwhile, 159 new cases have been confirmed, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 23,401.

Child care of the required health workers was canceled after only six providers signed up

Katherine Japan. Photo: Emon Farrell / RollingNews.E.

The child care scheme for primary health workers planned by the government has failed.

It will start next Monday and will show that child care professionals provide services in the family home.

In a statement, Child Minister Katherine Japan said it had now been scrapped due to poor suppliers raised due to only six applications.

Varadkar: Reopening schools and nurseries could be “one of the safest things we can do next month.”

Touisach Leo Varadkar says reopening schools and crutches may be the government’s safest thing to do, as it will ease the Kavid-19 ban next month.

His remarks came after HIVQA said that children do not seem to contribute enough to the spread of coronavirus in their homes or schools.

Health watchdogs say evidence is currently limited, but international studies indicate that the incidence of the disease is lower among young people, especially those under 14 years of age.

High Court rejects Kavid challenge from Jemma O’Doherty and John Waters

John Waters and Jemma Odoharty leave this file on May 4, 2020. Image: Sam Boyle / RollingNews.EE

Jema O’Doherty and John Waters were not allowed to challenge the emergency laws that introduced the COVID-19 restrictions.

They wanted the High Court to allow them to have a judicial review as part of an effort to overturn the laws.

EU: ‘Volunteer’ voucher instead of cash for canceled flight

The European Commission has said that all vouchers issued to customers in lieu of cash for canceled flights must be voluntary and transferable.

The advice is part of a plan to revitalize travel and tourism across the block.

It said member states should gradually lift the ban and allow tourism companies to reopen it, taking into account the necessary health precautions.

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