Evan Moody of “Five Fingers of Death” can’t cut down on the guitar

Death wound five fingers frontman Evan Moody Just as the frontman is known as that. Okay, that’s the time who says that Coronavirus Epidemic, can’t you try a new skill? Moody is trying to do just that with his new series Guitar Zero: Legends of Failure.

In the first episode of the series, vocalist Five Finger Death Punch tries to get some advice Haley is Guitarist Tom Maxwell. Unfortunately, Maxwell had other ideas for Moody besides learning the guitar.

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Five Finger Death Punch barely released their new album F8 in February, but the block has retained the tour album.

So why can’t something be improved during segregation? Some people find very creative ways to spend time. Here Gerard WayЗ Quarantine coloring book,, Every time I diedЗ Jordan Buckley Its printing house and good practice, Eye Pit Pit-182З Mark Hopps Plays a lot Passing animals. There wasn’t much for the rest of us after that Netflix’s A masterpiece of real crime King of the Tigers: Murder, Pogrom and Insanity.

Well, Evan Moody, a five-finger death punch, wants to improve his guitar.

“It’s not that I don’t know how to play small trim and drop,” Moody said. “It’s just art, and I’m deeply grateful for that.”

So Moody has decided to summon one of the Greats to Maxwell. But the conversation is not going as Modi had hoped.

The conversation begins with how Maxwell will clean up his own stuff until he completely disrupts Moody’s dreams.

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Moody started, “You’re a great person, and I knew you in the best years of the year,” I’m trying to learn to play this offensive guitar. It will be time to talk to me to give me a few lessons. “

“I think it’s a pretty horrible idea, bride,” Maxwell replies. “I don’t think you’re cutting it man. It’s very complicated. You know what I mean?” There are strings and you have to learn to set it up. Hmmm, you know, it takes a lifetime to learn to make the right choices on guitars? “

“You have a little finger, Dude. What if you give up the choice? “

Moody is clearly confused with the answer and the clip is drawn from the classic sitcom technique with laughter and regret about what viewers will be members of.

Maxwell continues to fry and invites Moody to start cooking or whipping butter.

Watch all the videos below.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SE_IFjBUr8 [/ embed]

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Evan Moody has announced Guitar Hero: Legends of the Fail on the Five Cage Death Punch website. He plans to release a new episode every Wednesday. If you are prone to follow his misfortunes while playing the guitar, you can do it here.

Do you think five Finger Death Punch veterans are studying guitar? The comments below are harmful!

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