Eurovision 2020 manages a complete list of countries and singers

We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused by the release of Eurovision in 2020. They were ready to perform on the biggest stage in the world and they went home in pajamas with them and took away their dreams.


Eurovision fans are a great bunch though and we will not forget these singers.

All 41 purchases will have a moment in the spotlight on Saturday night as participating countries will broadcast Eurovision: Europe Shine Light, a special non-competitive event today.

Of course, now that we have the semifinals before the big event, not all 41 songs will get a place on Saturday night. However they were all recognized as part of this event.





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Here is a complete list of missed tasks at Eurovision.

Albania – Arielina Ara has performed ‘Fall from Heaven’

Armenia – Athena Manukian serves ‘Chain on You’

Australia – Montague edits ‘Don’t Break Me’

Austria – Vincent Bueno plays ‘Alive’

Azerbaijan – Effendi served by ‘Cleopatra’

Belarus – Val Performance ‘The Bidna’

Belgium – Hooverphonic ‘Free Me’

Bulgaria – Victoria in the play “Tears Calm”

Croatia – Damir Kedano has acted in ‘Devolji Vijetre’

Cyprus Island – Sandro performs ‘running’

Czech Republic – Benny Cristo starred in ‘Kema’

Denmark – Ben and Tan are performing “yes”

Estonia – Uku Suvist “What is love”

Finland – Axel Kankanrant in the movie ‘Looking Back’

France – Tom Leeb performed ‘Best of Me’

Georgia – Kipiani plays Torni in ‘Make Me As You Are’

Germany – Ben Dolly performs ‘Violent Things’

Greece – Stefania ‘Superper’! RL ‘

Iceland – Grandma and Gagnamagnid are ‘thinking about things’

Ireland – Leslie Roy has served ‘The Story of My Life’

Israel – Eden Allen has performed ‘Faker Libby’

Italy – Diadato performs ‘Fi Rumor’

Latvia – Samantha Tona performs ‘I’m still breathing’

Lithuania – Roop is performing ‘Burning in Fire’

Malta – Fate is serving “all my love” in Chukuniya

Moldova – Natalia Gordienko has performed ‘Prison’

The Netherlands – Jangu Macroy ‘grows’

Northern Macedonia – Vasil is doing ‘TE’

Norway – Gives ‘attention’ to Ulrik

Poland – Alikaja in the play “Empire”

Portugal – Elisa performs ‘Meadow de Center’

Romania – Roxanne does ‘alcohol u’

Russia – Little Big starred in UNO

San Marino – Senhit has acted in ‘Strange!’

Serbia – Hurricane created by ‘Hast La Vista’

Slovenia – Sokli 6 in the play “Water”

Spain – Bless Kant edited ‘Universo’

Sweden – Mothers are performing ‘Saran’

Switzerland – Gjon’s tears edited by “Rondepondz-moi”

Ukraine – Go_A performs ‘Slove’

United Kingdom – James Newman is taking my last breath


Eurovision: Europe 1 shot at 20:00 on BBC 1. To learn more, check out our TV guide.

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