Erica Jane Rika is having a legal problem with the ‘concubine’ screenshot

Erica Jain films for RHOBH. Peak Credit: Bravo

Beverly Hills star Real Housewives star Jenny is in the hot water after posting texts and pictures on her husband’s phone claiming that he sent his alleged concubine.

Justice Tricia A. Bigelow called Erica to reveal the woman’s heartfelt text, photos and phone number and threatened legal action against her.

Justice Bigelow’s lawyer told the LA Times that Erica’s “crime of maliciously massaging Justice was nothing short of a crime.”

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“We are considering our options to protect Justice Biglow from further harassment,” said lawyer Alan Jackson.

Justice Bigelow Erica reportedly received a barrage of “naughty text messages and calls” after his phone number was leaked.

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A separate judge has warned Tarika not to sell or spend any assets received from exiled husband Tom Girard.

Erica leaked these articles on social media

Erica has uploaded multiple counseling texts and pictures that Bigelow sent to her husband via complaint on her Instagram.

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“This is Justice Trisha A. Biglow. She was talking to my husband Tom Girardy and he was paying his sex bill and paying for his plastic surgery, ”Erica captioned the post.

He uploaded the post around midnight on Saturday 19 December. He deleted the post a long time later.

However, the post was long enough to catch the attention of fans and Justice Biglow.

Erica and Tom have legal issues

Ter Girardi had legal problems before Erica Tarek filed for divorce.

Tom already had several lawsuits against him alleging fraud and embezzlement of his clients ’settlement funds.

One case came from a widow named Judy Selberg, whom she assisted in a wrongful death case. Another lawsuit was filed by Robert P. Allegations of withholding settlement funds for Finn’s law offices led the victims to “fall victim to toxic chemicals derived from several TXI cement production facilities in California.”

One of the biggest lawsuits against him in 2018 involved the victims of the Lion Air Flight 610 plane crash.

Since Erica filed for divorce from Tom in November, Tom has filed further lawsuits that have bankrupted him and Erica has accused Tom of divorcing her to protect her assets.

“Although Erica publicly filed for divorce this month, based on information and belief, ‘divorce’ is a shameful attempt to fraudulently protect Tom and Erica’s money from Tom and Tariq’s lawyer Jenner debts,” read court documents obtained by US Weekly.

Fans are hoping that Erica will discover the play in the upcoming season of RHOBH.

Real Housewives in Beverly Hills are currently on a break from Bravo.

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