Epic Games now offers the store Galactic Civilization III for free

Epic Games Store Current Offering

Claim: 1/21 – 1/28

For several years the PC online digital storefront was dominated by a particular company, Valve. Through Steam Market, players were able to claim numerous video game titles for their digital collections. Not to mention that over the years, Steam has added and added more features to the community to enjoy, such as craft wish lists and success. While other competing services popped up, no one gave too much encouragement to accept their alternative storefront service.

That was until Epic Games Store was added to the mix. We’ve seen several attempts to get players into their digital storefront clients and stay away from Valve’s Steam marketplace after having funds to bring Epic’s storefront back to true meaning. One way to do this is through contract agreements with publishers and developers. Through the Epic Games Store, IP owners will have better revenue reduction and these titles will become exclusive to the Epic Games Store Marketplace for a predetermined period with the Epic Games delivery deal.

This move was not so popular with PC players. However, another way to get players to the client was to hit hard. Each week, the Epic Games Store offers players a free video game title. All a player needs to do is create a free Epic Games Store account and claim a copy that will be tied to your account and available for download whenever you want to play the game. From the Batman Arkham franchise to the Grand Theft Auto V, several games released in the past were shown for free.

After all, you can claim a copy throughout the whole week so if you don’t want to play the first day to get a copy of the players, you will have all the options until the next week’s title is offered. You’ll want to bookmark this page as we update and show what video game titles are being offered for free this week with next week.

Epic Games Free Video Game Store next week

Claim: 1/28 – 2/4

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