Epic Games launches tools to help other developers incorporate cross-playing and cross-savings – GeekTorrent

Crossover is a huge thing for me today. I don’t have one and I can’t carry all the consoles. My friends and I like to play the same game but we have different preferences on consoles / platforms. Cross-play lets me play the same game with different platforms of my friends. Okay, it looks like Epic Games wants to help more developers launch Epic online services as well as apply cross-platform and cross-platform savings (the ability to access your stored data across different platforms) to their games.

Epic online services use the same framework that the largest game of Epic Games uses Fortnite Combine players across seven platforms! Now all developers can access the tools for free. Two suites are included: game service and epic account service.

Game Services strives to assist game developers across a variety of platforms and includes tools for player data, boards, achievements, compatibility, and more. Meanwhile, the Epic Account service allows players to log in to their Epic Games account and access their friends.

At the moment Epic online services only support Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Windows and Xbox but support for Android and iOS continues. You can read the full press article on Business Cable or dive deeper into the Epic Games website. Chris Dial Epic Games released the following statement:

At Epic, we believe in open, integrated platforms, and gaming will be a very social and connected experience in the future. It can benefit regardless of where and where gamers are And play games with friends, regardless of experience, can enjoy the same quality of the hardware, which they are entitled.

I am extremely excited about it for one. I think all multiplayer players should support interplay (assuming the game is available on multiple platforms) so it inspires my heart to see any company try a simpler performance.

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