Environment: “Experts provide tips and resources to help children lose weight during epidemics.

Milwaukee – Youth sports, school holidays, even play in the park – everyone stopped when the epidemic hit.

John Morgan

Quarantine has basically given babies a second dose of summer in the past month, said John Morgan, coordinator of physical activity at the Wisconsin Department of Health.

“Decreased physical activity and decreased eating habits,” Morgan said. “Past research has proven that weight gain in the summer will be five months from now,” he said.

Morgan says it is important to create alternative routines for children; Stop at screen time, walk outside, even play in the backyard, walk with family or ride a bike.

“You need to create an environment where they have a built-in activity and they eat healthy,” Morgan said.

Can I have breakfast?

Food is another ingredient that increases in size – many parents have heard this saying, which is not new. But Samantha Golf, a registered dietitian and UW Health dietitian, says their reactions are likely to change.

“One-third of our kids are overweight or obese.” Said Rose. “I recommend giving families more planned meals and snacks during the day and I recommend feeding the kids every 3-4 hours. Also, the kitchen is closed. “

Samantha Golf

This makes this bite up, which causes a change.

“Eating protein foods – for example, meat, dairy foods, cheese, nuts, buttermilk – with certain amounts of fiber, vegetables and whole grains can help keep your blood sugar high as well as be satisfied with your diet.” Rose said.

While a balanced diet is important, Rose added that parents want to focus on the root causes.

“If they are in a state of stress, or worried or anxious, they will find alternative coping strategies. “We’ve really used food to arouse emotions in our society and it’s not helpful,” Gallup said. “If we find our body parts, we can really feel hunger or any other emotion and how to deal with it in an alternative way.”

Try to show empathy and be careful about who you are addressing to the children.

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