Emmerdale | Danny Miller hints at a new romance for Aaron after Robert

Fans of Robron cried after the popular Emerald couple was torn apart after Robert Sugden was jailed for murder, leaving husband Aaron Dingle alone and heartbroken. Time, however, a great healer and Danny Miller considers his altered arrogance Aaron needs to start his life again.

“I want to see him move forward a bit,” the actor said in an exclusive interview with RadioTimes.com. “I don’t really know the things in the store because a lot of things have definitely been cut and changed because of Kovid. I know that maybe a new arrival was coming, I wasn’t sure if it was romantic or not and now it would be hard to tell a romantic story without a kiss!”

“I enjoy playing Aaron’s short moments because it gives you a chance to shed light on mental health, especially what we’ve done so far. It is good to re-educate people and keep them updated on how to deal with these issues.

“I’ve really enjoyed the lockdown episode of Aaron and Kane but I’m not back in full time yet. I’ll be back next week and I can’t wait to see what they plan for Aaron.”

Miller keeps himself busy during strenuous filming breaks and presents himself as a major physical challenge – he plans to walk 40 miles from his home in Lancashire to Liverpool’s Anfield football field once to raise funds for Oman, a charity he founded in 2011.

The organization provides support to bereaved families when parents, guardians or siblings die and is set in memory of Miller’s close friend and former Emerald producer, who died in 2010, the late Gavin Blythe.

“Like many charities, the lockdown has hit us hard,” Miller explained. “We are not government-backed and we have not been able to raise our original funds because of Covid. Many charities are fighting for the terrible, they run for fun, the ball and big events Depending on lost

“I wanted to do something for the charity alone and come up with a big idea that would grab people’s attention. So I combined it with my other passion that was snatched away because of Covid – supporting Liverpool FC! “

Like thousands of Miller fans, the team missed out on their historic historic Premier League win during the lockdown, so Owens decided to make a pilgrimage to the ground at the event sponsored to raise funds to maintain the laughter service.

“I could go to home games as much as I could, 15 seasons in general,” he explains. “Then Covid kicked and suddenly we weren’t allowed to go, until at last it looked like we were going to win it! It really got to me, and I thought it would take 38 minutes to get to Anfield from my home – what if I could walk to collect the money? Very little of it has gone there and it won’t take me long to prepare! “

Miller’s route starts on Wednesday 22 July from his hometown Stockport, via Manchester via East Lancashire, Wigan and St. Helens and before reaching Liverpool on the famous football field.

“It’s 40 miles. Well, 39.6 miles but it doesn’t have the same ring, so we’ve rounded it up! I will post this route on my Twitter account so if people want to get in the way and say hi, we will have buckets with us so they can donate if they wish.

“Doing it on my own is a challenge and I didn’t want to make it easier for myself, of course there is the protection aspect of social distance and not making it a large group activity.

“As a personal achievement I want to do something and hopefully encourage others to get there and do something for the charity when it is really needed.

“I am training with a minimum of 20k walks every day. It has been really very good for my mental health, I got in my caravan to the beach on the weekends and you feel free to come out. Plus a lot is coming out of my Kavapu dog! I am eager to receive it and yet the response has been amazing.

For information on Miller’s Challenge and how you can contribute, visit his JustGiving page.

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