Emily Watson: “Hollywood is an old, sexually old pig”

Chernobyl star Emily Watson says the current golden age of television has become a “lifetime” for veteran actresses in fear of “diminishing contributions” to the silver screen.

I’m talking Radiotimes.com The television world was far from that image before his latest project, the third day before the Oscar-nominated man referred to Hollywood as “an old, sexist old pig”.

“TV has been a lifesaver for actresses my age,” she said, “because of the renaissance on TV, because all of a sudden there’s a really great, top-notch and interesting role.

“Although… I started my career in film and got the very idea that its return would decline. You’ll play in your late 30s, early 40s, you’ll play mom and then it went out. Hollywood is an old, sexist old pig, that’s right, and the world of TV is very different. “

Watson, whose previous credits include Gosford Park, Suitable Adult and Apple Tree Yard, is starring alongside Jude Loy on the third day of the Sky Atlantic series.

The Mysterious and “Ground Breaking” series will be divided into two sections, “Summer” and “Winter”. Among them, however, viewers will have the opportunity to watch “Autumn” – a live drama event that will be broadcast live on Sky Arts and online.

The third day will be Sky Atlantic on September 15, 2020 and will now be launched on TV.

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