Emerald Spellers next week Andrea’s disappearance is a cause for concern

After a bit of a lockdown special break that allowed new episodes to be filmed in the wake of the production shutdown, we’re back to business as usual in Emerald this week and we’re back to the live drama!

From Andrea’s disappearance to Harriet’s dance with the devil, it’s going to be an eventful week.

Here’s your camouflage for Emerald Monday 29 June And Friday, July 3rd June.

Where did Andrea go?

When we last heard from Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale), she publicly removed the relationship between her husband Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) and Bell Dingle (Eden Taylor-Drugger) in a plan of public revenge, which seemed to be only the beginning. When Jamie returned home to look for him, he discovered that he was missing and did so in a way that made it seem highly suspicious. Coming back to where we left off, it seems that Jamie’s problems are only going to get worse as the next step in his plan unfolds. Police soon informed him that they knew where he and little Millie were, but they refused to tell him the location. But when Laila Harding (Roxy Shahidi) goes to find him, she doesn’t realize that she is being followed by someone who doesn’t have the best interest in her heart – Kim Tate (Claire King).

Jamie and Bell put on a stand

After learning the most dramatic of their drama after The Ulpac’s crowd, Jamie and Bell at first disagree with him, accusing him of being jealous of Andrea for delaying her release. They soon return to the same page when he realizes he has never done such a thing and the conversation soon returns to where they left off. Well, they’ve decided that the secret is now open to the public, they have nothing to hide, and they’re wasting little time telling each other how much they love each other. But they don’t realize that Andre is back and again he stains them and stays out of sight. But later when Jamie returned home, he was shocked to find Millie alone in the kitchen with Andrea waiting for him, not seeing where he had gone this time, and where he would go back?

Harriet plays a dangerous game

Before the break, viewers saw Harriet Finch’s life become more complicated when Will Taylor stopped to propose to her after a steamy confrontation with Dodge D’Mallon (Mark Omack), and when he admitted, it was clear his heart wasn’t it. . This week he continues to feel the pressure and decides that the best thing he can do is to visit Malone to warn him to be good only when the two are alone, things don’t take too long to warm up and he puts himself in his arms. Gets back. Only this time, he promised to be with Will in a meeting with the bishop to discuss the actual marriage. Although this shows Will as a cause for concern, his worries only increase when he learns from Don Taylor (Olivia Bromley) that Malone is back, and despite Harriet’s assurance that he is no longer interested, he feels uncomfortable; If he only knew how much trouble Malone was already causing …

Elsewhere in Emmerdale.

  • Lydia Hart (Karen Blick) begins to think that Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) may have feelings for her ex-Paul Ashdale (Reese Dinsdale) when she offers to help any fundraiser she hosts. But while Winnie (Bradley Johnson) is hoping that the cards can be reunited, will he be disappointed?
  • Kane Dingle (Jeff Hardley) is disappointed this week when he hears that Myra (Natalie J. Robb) is enjoying flirting with restaurant owner, Ricky. Their divorce proceedings are underway, how will he cope when he takes his life to the fullest?
  • Liama ​​Kavanagh (Mimi Slinger) puts olive branches for all the trouble she has caused because of her relationship with Liam (Johnny McPherson) when Layla is surprised this week. But is the apology real, or is there something wrong with it?

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