Emanuel Macron leaves isolated in recovery from coronavirus

French President Emmanuel Macron no longer shows signs of the virus and is being isolated a week later via COVID-19, but is urging the French public over the Christmas holidays to limit their contacts to control the infection.

Mr Macron’s office said it was concluding a week-long isolation in the retreat of the president of Versailles in line with French health protocol, which recommended a seven-day jail term after the presence of symptoms or a positive virus test.

In a video apparently self-shot from the president’s retreat last week, the tired-looking Macron said he was suffering from a dry cough, headaches and depression, and that negligence and misfortune had infected him.

French authorities have lifted the ban on the virus over the holidays, but infections remain high and some doctors are calling for new lockdown measures.

As families gather for dinner on Christmas Eve on Thursday, Corinne Lacombe, head of the infectious disease department at Saint-Antoine Hospital in Paris, warned: “This is a dangerous evening, one of the most risky situations for food transmission is the virus.”

But after years of trying emotionally, ”he said on France’s information radio,“ it’s important to consider the need for some confidence, it’s a balance between advantage and risk, ”he said.

France recorded about 15,000 new infections on Wednesday, and about 62,000 virus-related deaths were reported.

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