Elon Musk’s factory drama is solved in most factories

You can’t always get what you want without Testler CEO Elon Musk and not harassing state and local officials during the epidemic.

County officials said late Tuesday night that Musk’s Tesla plant in Fremont, California, would be allowed to begin limited operations. Tesla needs to take local police surveillance to ensure social distance and other security measures. The previous reopening date set by Alameda County was May 31st.

Tesla Alameda County Update, May 12: We received the Tesla Fremont Cavid-19 Prevention and Control Plan yesterday as expected. The site-specific plan is part of the governor’s guidelines for reopening. pic.twitter.com/KsooDIKUYG

– Alameda County Department of Public Health (are Dare2BWell) May 13, 2020

The decision comes after Musk decided to reopen the factory last week, after state officials announced some bans from coronaviruses specifically for production.

But Alameda County health officials backed their plan to lockup by the end of the month, meaning Tesla is disobeying their orders. Tesla sued, Kasturi annoyed Twitter and pretended to be a martyr, and President Donald Trump tweeted.

In another Twitter post, Kasturi called the Almeida County Health Officer “selected and ignorant.” He went into the same subject during Tesla’s latest earnings call and Joe Rogan’s podcast. During these various attempts, the musk spreads dangerous misinformation about the coronavirus.

Tesla immediately filed a lawsuit against Almeida County. Alameda’s neglected and ignorant “temporary health officer” is the governor, the president, working against our constitutional freedom and justice!

– Elon Musk (@elonmask) May 9, 2020

Health officials said they met with Tesla representatives on Monday and agreed on a partial reopening on Monday. Tesla has already prepared a revised operational plan, but additional security requirements must be met. All of these are conditioned by stabilizing or improving coronavirus rates.


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