Elon Musk’s ex-wife Ghisaline denies choosing Maxwell as son-in-law

Elon Musk’s ex-wife Talullah Riley denies “really horrible” rumors that she was chosen as the girl bride of accused Madame Ghisaline Maxwell, Tesla CEO.

“As far as I know, I’ve never met Ghiselin Maxwell,” Riley, 34, said in a statement after pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend went viral for a photo of him and a glowing Maxwell.

“The other thing I want to convey is that Maxwell bought me for Elon as a kind of girl-bride,” Riley posted in his extraordinary statement in Moscow’s approval.

“Again, I don’t know Maxwell. Elon and I met when I was twenty-two years old and he was on a business trip to London. It was an opportunity meeting, not engineered by anyone, ”he said.

Riley admits that he and his current ex were once guests at Epstein’s Manhattan Mansion – but insist the relationship doesn’t deepen.

“I’m saddened by throwing something really horrible around this Court-of-Twitter,” he wrote.

“I hope that every victim of Epstein has received justice and peace, and that anyone involved in harming underage girls has been fully punished by law,” she wrote.

Riley confirmed that he was at the 2014 Vanity Fair party where Maxwell was photographed next to Kasturi.

Elon Muskospa Image / Through Light Rocket Gate

“It’s possible that I introduced him briefly, but somehow I can’t remember,” he insisted.

“Elon and I have met thousands of people during our relationship. “Elon will have a lot of photos with people who don’t know / will be at a party,” he wrote.

He dismissed Epstein’s visit to his and Muscat’s New York home as a fleeting, unforgettable moment in “The Journey of Appointment.”

“I can’t date it for a year – we travel endlessly for work,” he said.

Ghisaline Maxwellpool Bruins / Patrick McMullan

Riley said he was simply “talking about the true horror nature of what is meant today above and below my timeline.”

“I wanted to respond publicly with the permission of that Elonmask. But I only speak for myself, ”he wrote.

Kasturi also insisted, “I don’t know Ghosaline.”

Maxwell was arrested Thursday after he and Epstein alleged abuse for collecting and sorting underage girls. After a month-long investigation into the arrest, federal law enforcement took him to a chalet in the New Hampshire Forest where Maxwell was hiding.


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