Elizabeth came to Andrea’s church to be baptized

Elizabeth and Andrei get ready for baptism. Peak Credit: TLC

90-Day Engagement: Ever After Happiness ?, Elizabeth Potthast is being baptized by her husband, Andrei Casravet.

Elizabeth and Andrei were married in 2017 and in January 2019 had a baby girl named Eleanor Luis Castrovet. The couple was brought back to take part in the latest season of 90-day fiancee: ever after happiness? At TLC

Elizabeth is ready for baptism

Earlier, just before a new episode of Happy Ever After, TLC released a clip showing the steps Elizabeth Potthast took to baptize Andre Kastravet.

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“I’m really nervous,” Elizabeth said in the clip as soon as she appeared.

“Today we are in a church where I will baptize Andre’s proselytizing slash,” Elizabeth then stands with Andre and tells the camera.

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Andrei says, “It’s called orthodox, Christian-orthodox.”

We can then see that Elizabeth is ready for the ceremony and the group is walking together towards the church.

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It is very clear that Elizabeth is more nervous than giving up on him, but it certainly shows what he was willing to do for Andre and his family in this situation.

When asked if she’s excited about the whole ordeal, Elizabeth pauses for what seems like a really long time, and then she says, “Sure.”

Watch the clip below and see how Elizabeth and Andre continue to prepare for baptism in the next episode of the show.

Baptism is a huge step

Elizabeth must have expressed her love for Andrei and his family, eager to be baptized into a completely new religion.

This is one of the big moments that TLC is getting advertisements for the July 19 episode of 90 Day Engagement: Ever After Happiness ?.

According to TLC, Angela will also get to meet Michael’s friends. The tension is very high when it happens.

In the episode Colt will be seen to be torn between his mother and his girlfriend and Larissa Lima is going to be given an ultimatum.

Tania is still very worried about Singin’s drink this season, so that issue is going to come up again.

Explaining the story of Elizabeth and Andre, TLC reveals that the new episode will show the clash of cultures when Andre’s family challenges Elizabeth’s role as head of the family.

90 Day Engagement: Ever After Happiness? The TLC aired on Sunday at 8 / 7c.

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