Edison has launched a new Onmail email service to complement Edison Mail +

Edison announced OnMile in April as a brand new email service to rethink how we communicate with email. Today, Onmail is available for purchase with free custom domain names.

Emails have been the talk of the town for the past few months after a public battle between Hey and Apple. Despite attempts to remove everything from email on tools like SAC and Microsoft Team, email is alive and kicking. I personally prefer email for most of my contacts. Like Hey, Onmail is a brand new email service but one where you can use the domain name of your choice.

OnMile is available in four plans: a free personal account and three subscription-based plans for freelance, professional and business use. Freelance, professional and business accounts all come with a free custom domain name. If you already own your own domain name, you can bring it to Onmail. Personal accounts will receive free @ onmail.com addresses

Unmatched pricing plans

Key features of Onmail

  • Accept sender – Edison lets you stop someone from emailing you before it arrives in your inbox. This feature is similar to what Hey offers but with a custom domain name
  • Anti-Tracking Technology – Automatically Blocks Reading Receipts
  • Large attachment – you can send attachments up to 5 GB depending on the plan you choose
  • Search – The natural language of Onmail Search makes it easy to find emails, files, etc.
  • AI-based assistants – Edison’s assistant technology built-in on-mail. It helps you follow up on emails that you haven’t received or responded to. This includes an automatic alert. It can also automatically categorize details such as travel, shipping tracking and receipts.

Every aspect of the email that our Edison team has been working on over the past decade has led us to create unmatched. We’ve worked tirelessly towards our mission to bring happiness back using email, and it’s an email service that reflects that effort. The email has surpassed its original design, and in today’s world email has been created to look and feel like it.

Mikel Berner, CEO of Edison Software.

OnMail can be used with any web browser and is compatible with the Addison Mail app for iOS, Android and Mac (with support for the OnMail key feature by 2020). Dedicated unmail mobile applications will arrive in early 2021. On Email cannot be used with other email clients (similar to how it works).

Free personal access to Onmail is currently being rolled out in batches following a request for access to Onmail.com. Available for purchase with a freelance plan or even instant access provided by OnMile.

Edison Mail +

The new email service was announced by Edison Mail + a few weeks ago.

  • Verify Sender four-level deep-scanning email criteria validates whether the sender is authentic
  • Spam Blocker allows you to permanently block calls and texts from annoying email junk senders
  • Inbox Collar Detects IDs and finds the names of the sender of information in email signatures when they contact you or send if they are not already in your contact.
  • Verify Contacts based on information found in email signatures can help update your iPhone contacts.

Eidson Mail + is available for 14 14.99 per month or 99 99.99 per year and as an in-app purchase.

Take 9to5Mac’s

There are so many types it’s hard to say. I like a lot of the features that Hair offers but I don’t want to get new email addresses. I don’t like to be locked up forever. With Onmail’s ability to use a custom domain name, you should be able to easily switch to an alternative email service in the future. I confirmed with Edison that they would transfer the domain to you at no cost if you wanted to leave on-mail in the future. To remember the custom domain name you received from OnMile, you can’t currently access DNS records for your website hosting. I asked OnMile about this feature and they hope it will be available in the next few months.

I love the innovation around email in 2020 Sp Above all: all of these new applications and services have a clear business model.

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