Edgar Wright prays for Scott Pilgrim’s anime project: “We talk when we talk”

Edgar Wright talks about the possibility of reviewing Scott Pilgrim vs. World – suggesting that any anime version could be in the pipeline.

Director Hot Fudge, who co-starred in the 2010 Michael Scott starrer Scott Pilgrim, said a new project based on Brian Lee’s graphic novel O’Shaughnessy was being discussed.

Wright told Entertainment Weekly, “There are some plans – and there are no official ones yet – but there are plans to review the material in some encouraging way.

“We’ve been talking to Brian and Jared (executive producer) for a while. What if we do something with anime books? Discuss as we speak. “

In the same article, O’Malley mentions that he sketched an alternate version of the character while locking – giving him the gift of a huge beard.

He said, “I want to review the characters (in the form of jokes) and see what is there about it. I skated Scott with a huge beard at the beginning of the epidemic. I think it will be a funny picture.

Scott Pilgrim Verses. The World debuted in Positive Reviews in 2010 and has remained popular for decades, gaining the following culture.

Wright went on to direct The World End – the final film in his Cornetto trilogy – and Baby Driver, while his latest project, Last Night in Soho, originally slated for release in 2020, is now expected to arrive next year. . The coronavirus was delayed by the epidemic.

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