Eat what you grow! Milliger supplies more than 250 varieties of tomatoes, peppers and herbs

Run again – if you like fresh food, this may be the time to grow your own – and Milligar makes it easy to adjust to your liking. Brian Cramp is in resin with more than 250 varieties of tomatoes, peppers and herbs.

Milli History (page)

Behind Dani was a small hiding place of 12 of 8 and Joan Milleiger was the seed that has become Milliger today. Ten years later, the couple donated their first annual production from a 30 ‘by 90’ plant on the newly purchased Douglas Avenue site.

In the 1950s, before Millig’s business began, Dan and Joan Mileiger increased their income by decorating (or warm) wreaths and wreaths of national tombstones, which they buried above their clients who wanted decorations at their brothers’ graves at Christmas. Joan also designed parts for sale at drugstores, cake shops and corner bars.

Today, the company has more than 90 homes open to any gardener who enjoys seeing his or her plants grow. The Midwest gives customers plenty of plant life, taking care of thousands of years of specialty, potted plants like beds, vegetables, fruits and poinsettia.


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