/Eastern Baseball is looking for another MRAC title for

Eastern Baseball is looking for another MRAC title for

Six City (KTIV) – The Six City East baseball team claimed the title at the Missouri River Conference last summer, 18- in a league game. Passed. The Black Raiders were 26-15 last season but they were upset by the West in one round after the season.

The East has returned nine veterans this season. These include Alec Patino, who led the Black Raiders to 48 strokes, 7 home games and 52 seasons last season. These numbers were all in the top ten in the state in Class 4A.

Black Raiders are confident they can compete with anyone.

“All our boys are ready to go to work hard,” Patino said, “we have great practice here. Everyone is thrilled to be back on the field and I think we will do well this year.

“Always the main goal is to always be an MRAC champion and always try to tock at Principal Park,” said senior striker Drew Brower. “We also have some good players on the team.”

Eastlands head coach Kevin Dicus says some of his players are in a better position than others, waiting to see if it will be a season. He believes running can be difficult, especially early in the program.

“Pitching will probably be a bit ahead,” Dicus said. “I know the weapon was wounded, but I didn’t see a lot of people throwing live. No cage open. There was no place to hit live so I could see that the throw was ahead before the hit. “

“I think everyone should do something for them to get where they want to be in the middle of the season,” said senior Chase Patterson, “but we’re working hard here and hope to make the first game on Monday.”

In this opener on Monday, East goes to West Christian in a game at 7pm.