Easter eggs, jokes and more in 10 innocent, highly-scary games.

Even scary games need to be lightened up a bit. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed spooky video games at GameRance and the best ones aren’t all abandoned basement and fleshy nasty sometimes you just have to drive colorful UFOs into space, or wear a princess costume during zombie apocalypse.

Today, we’re ranking the most disturbing moments from authentic horror video games. These moments can be anything – random jokes, funny features, or Easter eggs. Anything to lighten the mood is worth exploring here. Horror games are great, and they’re even better if they’re willing to have some fun.

Stuck at home? Check out some of the lists in Gamerex:

Max Penny Face of Sam Lake [Alan Wake]

A mind-bending game inspired by Alan Wake Twin Picks, with lots of literal and literary horror hidden in the dark shadows of the vast forest, you will cut through the vast parts of this game. It’s an exciting, action-packed game with lots of nonsense – it’s just a developing remedy. There’s an action set-piece where you fight behind light-hating enemies on stage in a fireworks-hard rock band.

The moment that gave me the most joy and provided the most meta charm is hidden in a quick flashback to Alan Wake’s past. In the New York apartment, you’ll find a TV with an interview with Alan Wake’s face actor – and Sam Payne, the real face model of the game’s writer / Max Payne. At the end of the interview, Sam Lake makes the face of his famous “constipation” Max Payne and we all smile. Just watch the video above.

Spring Break 1984 DLC [Friday The 13th: The Game]

There is nothing more terrifying than pretending to be an adult teenager, running at night and wearing hidden clothes that bring absolutely no danger.

There are only a few inconsistencies about camp counselors retreating from a masked assassin while swimming in the night bath. It’s one thing to do this in a movie, but when you watch the 13th Emotion on Friday: the game revolves around and the effect is hilarious whenever Jason appears.

These are optional skins that anyone can purchase and use in-game, so only intelligent players will bother even these stupid swimming suits at play.

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