EastEnders | Shannon Watts hits Ian Bill on Danny’s secret

It was a difficult night for Sharon Mitchell (Letia Dean) as East Enders returned to the BBC to find out the truth about her son’s last night.

Get your mind back on February 21st, and little Dennis Rickman (Blue Landau) is sadly the one who died in the boat accident.

Although it wasn’t intentional, Ian Bill (Adam Odiat) partly blamed it for the tragedy, as he called down the troubled teenager to give him an education.

The boat was filled with water – and Ian regained consciousness – it was too late for Danny and he died in a traumatic scene.

There was someone in Albert Square who knew the truth – Dustardly Dotty Branning (Milli Z0) – he had been secretly threatening Ian for months (and possibly even through lockdown).

After hitting his limits with Ian and his lies he finally came to terms with his threat.

“The reason Dannis died was Ian,” Doty revealed.

Sharon’s eyes are full of anger, frustration and betrayal, but what does Ian mean?

Now that he has found out, can they continue as normal? We saw at Christmas where Sharon’s anger could catch up to her, but is it for friends?

Elsewhere in Albert Square, it was business as usual for Ben and Pen – if business meant that Ben did something bad again.

The pen is finally and safely in the police force and he got his first taste of desk cutting even though it didn’t go according to the on-screen arrest plan.

However, he was asked to shower some CCTV footage for any evidence of wrongdoing, so he saw something more than bargaining.

Of course, the first person she saw was her own boyfriend, Ben, but when police asked if she found anything related to Danny Hardcastle, Penn was silent.

Will they lock Ben in the process as soon as the police get close to Paul?

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