Dual legend Bob, Mike Bryan last record-breaking career

NEW YORK – American twins Bob and Mike Bryan announced their retirement on Thursday after a record-breaking double career, making it clear what seemed clear if they didn’t make it to the U.S. Open.

The 42-year-old brothers won 1 Grand Slam championship, 119 two-level titles and a 2012 Olympic gold medal. They finished in the top 10 of the ATP doubles rankings and helped the United States win the Davis Cup in 2007.

On the way, they became a double team as famous as they were, jumping to chest bumps at the end of the win.

The California-born Bryans have already announced that 2020 will be the last year of their tour.

Mike said, “We think it’s time to move on

They were not on the entry list for last week’s U.S. Open doubles game, where the game will begin Monday without spectators in the coronavirus epidemic.

The Bryans have won five championships in 2014 as a pair in New York.

Bob said, “We are most proud of the way we dedicated ourselves to the game and the way we did our best.” Our loyalty to each other has never diminished and we are leaving professional tennis with zero regrets. Get ready for a big match and miss the excitement of the game for the roar of the fans. “

He underwent hip surgery in 2018. Mike won two additional Grand Slam titles with Jack Sock as his partner during the tour.

The Brothers are the most successful doubles team in Davis Cup history, winning 25 matches in 15 years.

In March, just before tennis was shut down due to the Kovid-19 outbreak, Bryans won a Davis Cup top five series against the United States 3-0 against Uzbekistan in Hawaii.

Under the new rules, established in 2018, the twins are the first ATP players whose credentials qualify to be automatically listed on the Common Tennis Hall of Fame ballot, excluding the general nomination process.

They will qualify for the 2025 class.

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