Dragon Ball Voice actress Monica Real wants to play Uzaki-Chan’s Funimation Dub’s Uzaki Hana for acting!

Fanimation has announced that Dragon Ball Voice actress Monica Real will be headlining Ujaki Hana in the Western Dub at their upcoming Western Ujaki-Chan Wants hangout.

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Recognized as Real’s best dragon ball bullma, he has starred in all related media since the 2010 production of Dragon Ball ZK, as well as stockings in panties and stockings with Gatorbelt and Tomoko Kuroki.

The prominent voice actress, also known as one of the primary defendants against former Dragon Ball voice actor Vic Magnogana, claimed that Magnoga forced himself to attend the last conference and engaged in the common practice of sexual harassment during his time in Funeral.

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Voice actor Rico Fazardo (Danganronpa3: The End of Hopes Peak Academy, My Hero Academy) will play the protagonist of the series Sakurai Shinichi opposite Real.

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It will be interesting to see how Real’s casting character’s reputation is affected, as many desperate supporters of Real’s career have accused the Uzaki-chan character of promoting pedophilia because of his busty and anime-stylized appearance.

Do you think the casting is good for Real Uzaki? Is there even a special voice actor you like to see in the role? Find out in our social media or in the comments below.

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