/Double agent disguise says he is dealing with online bullying, receiving death threats

Double agent disguise says he is dealing with online bullying, receiving death threats

Some challenges: Double agent competitors are waiting for instructions for their daily missions. Peak Credit: MTV

In the fifth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents, viewers watched several competitors under clearlight, with a strong alliance consisting of several “underestimated” players.

There were some early moments in the first episode of the show where Tula “Big T” Fazakerel met the couple’s daughter with a talking technique.

Originally, the girls were annoyed at being perceived as “weak” or “layouts” in the game, so they orchestrated a plan to remove a certain experienced competitor.

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Now, one of the perpetrators has revealed that he has been battling online rape and even death threats since the recent episode.

Rookie has revealed that he is dealing with online bullying

Are you one of the rookies featured in Double Agents Episode 5? The star is Amber Martinez who came up with an interesting name for a new alliance.

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He called the group, which included Big T, himself and his colleague Gabby Allen, “Itty Beatty Small Committee.”

They didn’t like the Tory Deal and other female contestants that referred to it as an easy competition to get a gold skull for their elimination. In particular, Tory mentioned that he wanted to go against someone like Amber M to get his skull because Amber was small and also unprepared as a hoax.

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The group worked together to find a way to target the veteran contestant and send him out against friend and comrade Anisa Ferreira to eliminate him.

They succeeded in achieving this elimination by winning the battle of Turi and Anisa. Amber’s comment was shown during the episode on the condition that Tori happily bid farewell to the village couple after a big game. He made a hard-hearted gesture in the crater towards Tory to show some of his fake love before the distance.

While this is all seemingly part of games and TV shows, Rookie Amber M’s comments and gestures didn’t sit well with some viewers. Some apparently went too far in their online response.

Double Agents miscreants claimed on Twitter on Friday, Jan. 15, that he was now facing a threat, which he said he had never experienced before. However, Amber added that she would rather be “more than anyone who is not strong enough for it.”

Peak Credit: 12 Amba1210 / Twitter

Fans left comments to support Amber MK, including several who told her to stay. A fan has left a particularly funny comment about reality TV stars.

“Honestly, it’s really realist people who are so hostile when it comes to real TV. You understand! AYTO has been a fan since. Either they can handle you, or they eat with it. Their loss, ”the fan told Amber.

Rookie says he received death threats after the episode

Further down in response to Amber Martinez’s tweet, @GamerVev asked her what’s going on? Amber replies that she is facing death threats after one episode on the show, probably mentioning episode 5.

“Send them to us. But all the bad b *** h challengers get the most hate, ”they replied.

“They’ve gone crazy that you don’t play any cowardly games,” another fan replied to Amber.

Peak Credit: 12 Amba1210 / Twitter

In Season 3 36 of Challenge, the Rockies have certainly shaken things up that look fresh. In many other seasons, the older contestants usually chose them weekly because they seemed to be the easiest thing to do. Rumki Joseph Allen, Leo Rush, Gabby Allen and Amber Martinez spoke harshly during the house discussion.

As viewers saw last season, Rookie J continues to send the starter into the fray. He won the first two, including a surprise win against legendary Chris “City” Tamburello, before he defeated Rogan O’Connor a few weeks later.

However, brokers who need to take turns with competitors and work more closely together to earn gold skulls seem to be shaking things up with double agents. So to quote the clich ভ, fans should try to force “the game to be hated, not the player” because there is no need for threats and death threats.

Challenge: Double Agents airs on MTV on Wednesday at 8 / 7c.

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