Dorinda Medley calls Ramona Singer to attend Hampton’s party, says Ronnie needs co-star Cop-19 test ASAP

Dorinda Medley asks Ramona Singer to test on COVID-19. Peak Credit: Bravo

Dorinda is aiming for the Medona Ramona Singer, and this time to protect her and the people around the New York star’s Real Housewives.

In addition to celebrating Independence Day in the United States on July 4, Dorinda took to Twitter to invite her RHONY actress to a party so she could attend before the weekend.

This ‘Turtle Time’ Maven spent in Hampton last weekend at an event thrown by Trump fundraiser Joe Farrell.

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An episode of the Bravo show featured the multi-million dollar property in recent times when Ramona and other women attended a party on the property.

However, Ramona could put herself at risk by joining this recent Shindig.

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Dorinda asks Ramna to test for COVID-19

Dorinda Medley, who can never hold her tongue, shared an urgent message on Twitter.

In the message, he asked everyone attending Joe Farrell’s party to take the test and he tagged Ramna in the post.

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Peak Credit: @DorindaMedley / Twitter

Darinder’s tweet was encouraged by a recent article in the New York Times, which also shared a link to his tweet.

The article reveals that top fundraiser for the Trump campaign, Kimberly, has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Kimberly is the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of Donald Trump.

If you’re thinking about the relationship, Kimberly and Donald Trump Jr. were also present at Joe Farrell’s party.

Page Six reported that about 100 people were present in Bash on Saturday night and according to their sources, the party leaders did not wear masks.

Kimberly can’t wait to tell you how many people she came in contact with at the party.

With this information, the Bravo TV cast member has the right to request that his friend be tested!

Ramona and Avery tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies

It looks like Ramona actually came in contact with the virus a few months ago and didn’t know it.

He recently revealed to the public that he and daughter Avery were tested and that they were present as carriers of COVID-19 antibodies.

The 633-year-old woman said she had flu-like symptoms in February, but had little information about the virus.

Ramona and 24-year-old Avery went to Florida for separation with ex-husband Mario and Avery later started showing symptoms.

“He just thought maybe he had a cold or a sinus infection because he couldn’t taste the food and would lose the sense of smell.”

He further shared that Avery was isolated in different parts of the house “because, I realized that I was already ill, so I was afraid that my Lyme disease had weakened my immune system and I would be at risk of contracting any illness.”

Rhony Little says that in May, he, Mario and Avery decided to test for COVID-19 antibodies. Mario’s test was negative, but Ramona and Avery tested positive.

They both donated plasma for further research to find a cure.

Real Housewives in New York City aired on Thursday 9/8 in Bravo.

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