Don’t expect the Xbox Series X News during TGS 2020

2020 has been quite an eventful year without any real events. This coronavirus health epidemic is a huge wrench that spreads in plans around the world. We have observed shutdown, quarantine, among other security measures to ensure that we socially refrain from collecting this virus and spreading this virus around. One of the ways to prevent crowds was to move away from a private event.

We are seeing various exposures and events planned for this year. From the choice of small comic conventions to large exposures like E3, there are no real personal events to come. This may be the case for a very long time but we have not yet done so by 2020 and other events are about to happen. When these private-events were canceled, an online option was placed in their place. For example, players at the next big event want to see the Tokyo Game Show or otherwise known as TGS 2020.

It is no longer a big video game industry event but set in Japan. We usually release updates and trailers for the upcoming lineup of video games. Microsoft is a company confirmed in Microsoft’s presence where they will showcase already unveiled content but don’t expect anything in the next generation of news. This was confirmed during a Twitter post on the official Xbox account and the way no fan can expect that we are going to a streaming event for news related to the game console platform.

As such, the event also revolves around a schedule for some viewers who typically tune in to perform these streams. This could be a big reason for the video game platform not wanting to reveal any new content related to the release. Only time will tell when we will get new information for the Xbox Series X. After all, there is still no specific release date or information about how much console customers will run.

Source: Twitter

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