Doctor Who fans reveal what they want to see in Series 13

With the release of Revolution of Dalix on New Year’s Day, Dr. Hu fans are there to wait a bit for the new episode, with a few months of filming coming to an end before we see more adventures of Jody Whitker’s Time Lord.

But as we wait, we decide to ask a closed online group of doctors who have an important question for fans – what do they want to see in season 13? Which monsters, returning characters and storytelling should be explored and which details should be completely ignored?

Do they want a new partner, an old partner or something internal and the doctor has to travel to some kind of place? And perhaps most importantly, what should the doctor do before he returns?

The last time we asked our online panel this question back in 2019, they removed it, in more series for the return of Captain Jack Harkness of Cyberman, Master and John Baroman – but those episodes are now in the rearview mirror, filling a new set of Huvians. There are claims.

So Doctor Who is going in 13 series, here’s what fans are expecting to see.


Sonarans as seen in Doctor Who (BBC)

Dome-headed clone fighters haven’t had a proper storyline since 2006 (excluding some later appearances for Dan Starky’s Strokes) and many fans are eager to give the Suntarns an updated treatment in Series 13.

One fan wrote, “I’m really looking forward to the Menacking Sonaron story, which was closer to their 70s presence,” wrote one fan, while another expressed a desire for “Sonaran’s (like the old monsters)”.

And as luck would have it, Jade Whitaker’s Doctor may already be facing the new-look Santa Claus in the next series, including leaked filming photos. But of course, there are other monsters in the Hovian sights …

… Or other known enemies

Floods on the Water of Mars (Doctor Who, BBC)

While our panel wasn’t anxious to bring back well-known baddies like Deluxe or Cyberman, some were keen to move on to more monsters from the recent era of Doctor Hall.

“I’d like to see some ‘classical’ nu-who come back from Russia under Nerda, floods (Mars waters) and even Toklafen,” said one fan, adding that “Odd is usually great.

Meanwhile, other fans still think that there are still some areas of the classic Who Rugs’ gallery to be explored.

“I’m excited to see an episode featuring Omega, especially since we’ve dealt more with Galliffrey’s past,” one respondent wrote.

New partner

John Bishop Hu as Dan (BBC)

We now know that John Bishop is joining the series as new partner Dan, when our respondents first asked for a list of 13 wishes in their series – although most of them were already expecting some new blood in Tardis.

Although many fans, understandably, did banking on a character they had seen before.

“I want a third Tardis crew member, I want Jack again,” one fan wrote, echoing the support of many interested people to see John Baroman’s Time Agent (who played a guest role in Dalix’s New Year’s Special Revolution) show a more permanent role.

“If John Baroman agrees to reappear, I believe making Captain Jack a full-time colleague would be a love letter to our Hovians,” said another fan.

However, others thought it might be time to reform one of the villains in “Fame,” which suggested that Revolutionary Deluxe’s ​​Buddy Robertson (played by Chris Knott) could be a fun addition to the mix.

“It would be fun to see more of Chris Knott’s character, perhaps staying completely away from his material as a reluctant passenger on Tardis and trying to maintain his coolness while being tortured by the doctor,” one respondent suggested.

… Or no new partner

Jody Whitker’s Tardis Team (BBC)

On the other hand, some fans expressed their preference to see “Doctor and Yaz as a dual team” without adding any new faces to the team. Still, we’re sure they’ll get used to Dan …

One fan wrote, “Personally I hope it stays the same as 13 and Yaz.” “She has a different relationship with the doctor and I really want to see it expand.”

However, our panel also offered a note of caution, indicating that if Yaz Khan were the only and only partner in 13 seasons, he (and his family) might need to develop a little more.

“I like to be the only partner but they need to have a deeper connection with Yaz – he doesn’t feel as complicated as a few other partners in New Hue,” one person told us.

Another said, “I want to love the Khan family more occasionally.

“Ideally I (Yaz’s mother) would like Nazia to be so ugly that she would secretly follow Yaz to Tardis and finish the two adventures !!”

Perhaps, even after adding this new companion, some more TLC would not be wrong for Yaz.

The master and the fugitive doctor return

Master characters Sacha Dhawan and Joe Martin are doctors (BBC) as fugitive doctors

Doctor Who has included some huge twists in Series 12, especially after unmasking Sacha Dhawan as the new version of Master, revealing that Joe Martin’s Ruth Clayton was secretly playing an unknown version of Doctor.

And understandably, a lot of fans have been thrilled to see these two remake Time Lords back in the next series – assuming they’ll launch them.

“I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Satya Dhawan’s master, and I hope we get him back next season!” One fan told us.

Another said, “I want to go back to Sacha Dhawan and Joe Martin,” a third said, “It would be nice to see more developments with fugitive doctors and the department.”

Fingers crossed, we’ll get some answers when the series returns …

More return characters in general

David Tenant and Georgia Tenant Dr. Hu (BBC, HF) BBC

Of course, the list of characters’ desire to return doesn’t end there – and fans have been thinking big for the 13th series since the return of Master and Captain Jack Harkness, speculating that it may be a high time for Georgia Tenant to return. Jenny (aka Doctor’s Daughter) and a few years Previous favorite partner.

One advised the guests to reply, “Jenny will be fun in hospitality,” the other wished “the return of Torchwood and the Doctor’s daughter.”

Another told us, “I’m pulling here, but the presence of a few more cameras of old companions would be great.” “I think (Freema Aggieman’s) will be a great dynamic with Martha’s 13.”

And others please go some further back from the classic series

“Please bring one of us Carol Ann Ford and William Russell as Susan and Ian,” one fan told us.

Dr. Who il William Russell and Carol Ann Ford Big finish

“The TV show is about letting us know more about Susan’s place in doctor’s life and what happened to her, and I would probably like to see Ian as a kind of ‘behind the scenes’ group leader / doctor’s mentor to former companions who help protect the world against threats.”

“To make the wrist in it, let’s go back (Sophie Aldreds) so we can see her running a charitable earth organization and helping the current doctor in some way.”

“I think it’s time to get back to UNIT,” separate fans suggested. “It was teased in resolution so it looks like Chris Chibnall hasn’t forgotten about them.”

And of course, some fans are still hacking for a multi-doctor special.

“Thirteenth, twelfth and tenth doctors should do something together,” they said.

Okay, we hear that a significant anniversary is coming … but the first is more in 13 seasons

More bi-part story and long arcs – and a lighter tone

Jodi Whitaker as Doctor, Haley McGee as Dorothy Scherit – Doctor K_ Season 12, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Ben Blackall / BBC Studios / BBC America

While many fans have expressed a hope for “clever and imaginative writing” in the next series, specific calls have come in for more season-long Arak (following from the timeless Child Orch of the 12 series) and many more episodes in the new episodes.

One person told us, “These should be a season-long push to focus on Docs’ original story.” “It allows the world to be built – Mandorian and at least Star Trek: Discovery.”

“I’d like to see a beautiful arch, perhaps tied together in some way by a simple thread that seems to be thematically more rigorous throughout the eight episodes.”

And despite the reduced episode count, fans also hoped for a few stories that became closer to each other. One fan called it a “really scary multi-party”, while another noted that increasing the length of certain episodes could help make the story feel bigger.

“Even though the number of 13 episodes in the series has been reduced, both halves will work best by finishing the two episodes and increasing both halves to 60- minutes65 minutes,” they wrote.

But what should the episodes look like? One year after 2020, what exactly did one fan want to know …

“Escape,” they suggested. “There is no real world event or theme or anything like that.

“Doctor who needs to be a fun sci-fi for the 13th series is like what The Mandorolian is doing.”

A great moment for Jody Whitaker

Doctor K.

With two fans speculating that 13 seasons could be the end of Jody Whitker, at least one fan had hoped that there would be some big moments for the Thirteenth Doctor.

“I want a chance to be angry with the doctor for the Time Lord moment,” “All the doctors except him really got a chance to get angry.”

And finally … a build up of the 60th Anniversary Doctor

Poster Days by Paul McGann, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Billy Piper and John Hart Doctor (BBC)

While it is unclear when Doctor Who Series 13 will air, fans have not lost sight of whether it was late 2021 or early 2022, before a significant anniversary – before Dr. Hu’s th 30th birthday on November 23, 2323.

“In the end, I’d love it if this series started putting up something big for at least the 30th anniversary,” said one Hovian. “It’s only 3 years away now, after all!”

And some even had some ideas …

“On the thirtieth anniversary, I tried to undo the past lives of all doctors since 1965, using the rebuilding version of their time machine for the age of Dalits, perhaps the process has reached the bottom of the timeless pediatric business,” one of our respondents wrote.

“We got to see a few doctors with a glimpse into Morbius’ brain!”

Who knows? Given how big Doctor’s Day was in 2013, it’s possible that Doctor who’s the next 10 years anniversary is doing some more epic work for him.

For now, though, it looks like fans have enough thoughts about the upcoming series. Check out this bar next year to see exactly what they got right now …

Doctor K will return to BBC One. Want something else to see? Watch our full TV guide.

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