/Do I still need to insure the car with a pre-owned certificate?

Do I still need to insure the car with a pre-owned certificate?

Image: Lexus

As a professional car dealer and professional car dealer in Jalpanik I get such emails. Lots of posts. I chose a few questions and tried to help. We are inspecting the vehicles tested this week, driven by dealers with branded accessories, and why luxury cars are not falling in price like regular cars.

First, is it necessary to get a car with a pre-verified certificate?

It’s like buying a used car for the first time (I’m renting and I’m sick of the packaging game), so I’m looking at KOPs. Specifically, a Lexus CPO and a BMW CPO. I know this rule should be taken to a third party mechanic before buying a used car, but is it still for CPOs? And if that’s the case, there’s a polite / non-aggressive way of explaining it, of course it’s a great 300-point check, but I still want a second opinion?

Inspecting a used car is often a good idea, but knowing whether a car is in serious condition without prior certification depends on the circumstances. In general, luxury car brands trim the bad ones with a pre-certified process, but sometimes the corners are cut off and the cars may not be properly secured. I handled the case where I needed a new BMW 3 Series “certificate” pad and rotor and that information would not have been communicated to the customer without investigation.

It says that many luxury car dealers who sell cars to anyone can firmly hold that the car meets the manufacturer’s standards and has a warranty balance, so they are the ones who don’t go to show anywhere else. If you meet this resistance, the backup plan should use a remote inspection service that will be sent to the contractor by a technician.

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Next, what is the best way to set up high-value accessories that all vendors in a particular region look like?

So my wife is looking to buy another Toyota (probably an elevator hybrid). When we bought its RV 4 5 years ago I got to know Southeast Toyota and their huge exclusive company in this area. Because of their exclusive establishment, almost everyone is provided with infinite port options worth hundreds of dollars to be installed with the desired Toyota (cloth protection, wax work, VIN engraving, etc.). Needless to say, almost all the vendors sold here (400) charged a “seller fee” between $ 400 to $ 800 and we were happy with the last time I dropped the price of the vehicle. I like to avoid

I think we’ll try to lower the price to add extra vendors (ড 99 installed port option, another fee 500 vendor fee) or try to work with a statewide vendor and pay for whatever you have to pay. Understand vehicles with us? “

Car buying is a frustrating place in the south-east. As you said, many dealers charge the car at a very high dealer rate and extra price and again it is important to pay attention to the price of the whole transaction or the door number. For example, if you buy a new Toyota with an MSRP of 40,000,000 and have a rate and accessories at Seller A, the door number is 38 38,000 and Seller B does not include that extra rubbish in the budget. But the door is 39 39,000, so you can easily discover which one is better in the future.

If you find a better deal, you can definitely buy out of your area, but you need to consider your travel or transportation costs to see if it saves you extra savings.

In the end, that’s why luxury cars are used as fast as the major brands

I’ve been monitoring car prices for the last few weeks and I’ve seen big drops in used Fords, Hondas, Qias etc … but I don’t see the same thing with luxury cars like Odyssey and BMW. Why is that?

Luxury car prices have stabilized, but they are likely to rise further in nature than what is happening in the mainstream market. Also, the non-luxury market is having a growing impact on wholesalers due to the failure of rental car companies and the high volume of rental cycles.

Another thing is that those who bought big cars had strong economic success due to Covid-19 and therefore there are less buyers in the market. Luxury car buyers, in most cases, may not have a serious earnings reduction, or may have more extra money to work on during this time.

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