Dixie’s football returns nicely after a rough start at the start of the year

St. George’s – Taking three consecutive losses to start the year is tough for most teams, but doing it in Dixie’s fashion makes it even more likely.

But if there’s any indication in the last two weeks, the Flyers have made a great comeback from a rugged start to the season and the always-strong Region 9 looks set to compete against the game.

Dixie not only lost his first three games by a total of seven points, but went too late to punch three in a row.

“These games were tough, but we knew they would,” said Dixie coach Blaine Moncres. “The frustrating thing is we had the lead and couldn’t stop it at the end, but you expect some of that, especially at the beginning of the year, and that’s why you want to list the strongest teams.”

In the first game of the year, the Flyers lost 25-22 to Springville before losing 24-21 to Roy, where a last-minute touchdown result was determined by the Royals. In three weeks, Mountain View had a touchdown with one minute left to beat the Moncres team 21-25.

“It’s tough for the kids, but at the same time they know it’s a long season,” Moncres said. “It’s the most important thing for us in the region game, and it was a great start for our region game, and maybe at least a few years ago because of the tough three games we lost.”

In fact, Dixie overcame Hurricane 35–6 in the 9-week match to win the Desert Hills 13-0 the following week. Both of these games demonstrated Dixie’s experienced and capable defenses with the promise of relatively small offenses.

“Some of our key people have already been injured, but we’ve adjusted and hopefully we won’t have any more major injuries,” Moncres said. “Then in crime we start with only four seniors and the rest of them are really young men with sophomores and juniors, but that group is coming together after some initial fights. Hopefully we’re wrinkled now.

In short, Dixie is rounded up with its usually competitive form, which would have seen it at the top again or at least near the top of the Region 9 position when it was all said and done. But as everyone knows, nothing happened during the 2020 preparatory football season, all the Covid-19 epidemics have been taken care of, Moncres has tried its best to fight through all of them.

“It’s still a long way off from normal and it’s up to us to make sure kids understand that it’s still far from normal,” Moncres said. “Just before our last game I think we forgot some of the kids masks and other things and looked a little lighter, so I took the opportunity to give them a stern statement to remind them to take all the precautions we could get through this thing. “

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