Disputes continue for public health authorities except for the state’s ‘Universal Protection’

KENOSHA – The Wisconsin Justice Department has ruled that a Supreme Court ruling on a “safe home” is unconstitutional. But that remains the topic of discussion Friday night when another Kenosha hot spot reopens.

Was the Brat stop closed or was it allowed to open?

Bill Glembucky

“At first, I thought someone had stolen my phone, because I was just told we couldn’t open it until the 2nd,” said Mr. Bill Glembkey.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court closed the entire state on Wednesday. That night Kenosha County ruled their local government “Safe a Home,” but broke it the next day. Officials have referred to the Wisconsin County Association, which suggests the group’s Supreme Court is also doing their homework.

Other positions, such as Milwaukee, retain its responsibilities.

Joel Brennan

“It’s a kind of chaos that we try to avoid at the governor level and in our long-term goals, which is a logical, symbolic way to revive Wisconsin’s economy,” said Joel Brennan, the state’s administrative secretary.

Brat Stop, Kenosha

Brat standing is different now, but the drink is the same.

Gail feeding

“I took my savings account and put it in my management account so I could pay my bills. That’s why I made it clear. And I’ve got my job and it’s been great ever since, ”says Bail Stop Bartender Gail Khawat for 21 years.

State law allows health inspectors to “prevent public meetings” due to epidemics, but the same will happen in the case of the Department of Health.

On Friday afternoon, Wisconsin State Representative Josh Kaul issued an urgent opinion that the court’s ruling had nothing to do with the state’s appeal. Kaul said the Supreme Court’s ruling was only consistent with international law and federal law relating to the jurisdiction of the Department of Healthcare. He also cited other government rules that empower health inspectors – which was not part of the third ruling.

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