Disney’s “Hercules” remake is live

Disney is working to develop a remake of Hercules Live! The 1997 classic animated remake was confirmed by News Entertainment Weekly.

Dave Callaham, who wrote Marvel’s “Shan Chi” and “The Legend of the Ten Rings,” wrote the script, and “Avengers” directors Joe and Anthony Russo are making remakes of “Disney.”

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At the moment, there is still no director who has joined the remake of “Hercules” and is still out of casting production.

It seems that the remake of “Hercules” was the obvious choice to join the growing list of live action remakes from “Disney”. Ron Clemates and John Muscar directed the original Disney animated film, which recreated classic Greek mythology with interesting soundtracks in the gospel of Disney legend Alan Menken. In the animated film “Hercules”, Tech Donvan was cast as Hercules, James Woods as Hades, Susan Egan as Megara, and Danny Devita as Phil. Also, just last year, Disney brought the film to the stage with a new adaptation presented at the Delacourt Public Theater in Central Park, New York City.

Whether the new Hercules film will follow the original animated film or music live will take on a completely new approach (for example, a new remake of Mulan Live-Action that has cut many songs and re-worked is still unknown at the moment as an action-drama original) .

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